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Wearable application -- far-infrared physical therapy/heating and keeping warm function smart clothes

——(Graphene heating plate + BT-IOT module of Internet of thingsSystem control scheme——

 一、Application case description

This application case based on shenzhen Sunshine Goods electronic co., LTD., independent research and development of intelligent control modules for heating bluetooth (SG BT-IOT CONTROL MODULE) scheme, the module adopts the Thai Ling Wei TLSR8266 main chip, implement the bluetooth data passthrough, hardware, networking, the function such as perceptual learning, support BLE master-slave mode of operation, low cost, performance is strong, can according to customer's specific needs to develop different applications.

This case for graphene heating film heater, temperature sensor, by optimizing the bluetooth intelligent heating control module (SG BT-IOT CONTROL MODULE) internal software, custom BLE communication protocols, and increase the research of intelligent heating manual control level 3 switch module f3 REV1.1 (003) and mobile power supply, and development of the Android APP and IOS APP docking specific server use, implements the clothing, shoes and hats, hands and feet, goggles and other apparel products intelligent heating control and monitoring.


二、Application case system architecture diagram


三、Analysis of system architecture composition

1. Intelligent heating bluetooth control module (SG BT-IOT Control Module) (ds-tlsr8266 module for short)

Based on bluetooth BLE, this module explores the data transmission function of wireless transmission of the Internet of things, integrates the power management conversion module, calculates the voltage, current and power related data according to the feedback information of the resistance of the temperature sensor, triggers the control switch, and realizes the monitoring and control results of temperature heating. This module software control, hardware interface docking, rf electrical has been standardized, according to the monitoring and control algorithm mode can easily develop other forms of heating applications. Refer to the module scheme information for specific technical parameters.

2. Intelligent heating manual control three-stage switch module (003F3 REV1.1) (USB main control board for short)

The USB motherboard with a low-cost MCU as the master control, through UART and ds-tlsr8266 self-defined communication protocol.The USB main control board is separated from the bluetooth module, and a three-level switch is designed to manually control the three-level temperature standard. In addition, the advantage of this design is that the module can keep a relatively close distance with the temperature sensor to ensure the accuracy. In addition, when carrying multiple heating chips, the module can be extended to reduce the complexity of USB cable routing.

3. Thermistor device (i.e. temperature sensor)

Thermistor is a kind of sensitive element, which can be divided into positive temperature coefficient thermistor (PTC) and negative temperature coefficient thermistor (NTC) according to different temperature coefficients. The characteristic of thermistor is that it is sensitive to temperature .Positive temperature coefficient thermistor (PTC) has a higher resistance value when the temperature is higher, while negative temperature coefficient thermistor (NTC) has a lower resistance value when the temperature is higher. They are both semiconductor devices. The intelligent temperature sensor is formed by the thermistor device combined with the control module.Sijia electronics can provide reference for the evaluation, analysis and selection of thermistor devices.

4. Mobile Internet APP (Android/ apple version) (Android/IOS APP for short)

This APP is a special APP independently developed by Sunshine Goods electronics for the control and monitoring system of heating clothes. It can connect to the ds-tlsr8266b module through the bluetooth of mobile phone and realize wireless control and temperature monitoring. The APP has its own functions of shopping mall, consultation and music to increase customer promotion channels and customer stickiness.


5. Platform operation server (that is, background server)

This background server can provide APP with mall, music and information services, store user basic information, physical therapy process data, and provide third-party login interface.

6. Mobile power supply/adapter

Mobile Power Pack (MPP), also known as charging treasure and travel charger, is a portable charger integrating Power supply and charging functions, which can charge Mobile phones, tablets and other digital devices anytime and anywhere. Lithium cells (or dry cells, which are less common) are generally used as power storage units, which are convenient and fast to use.This application scheme supports the 5V standard. Sunshine Goods electronics can provide mobile power product evaluation, analysis and selection services, and can provide customized development of mobile power.

7. Graphene heating device (i.e. Graphene heating sheet)

Graphene heating sheet is the core part of this application scheme and a milestone in the development of smart clothing.

Graphene is a two-dimensional crystal.Graphite is formed by stacking layers of planar carbon atoms arranged in a honeycomb orderly manner. It is easy to form thin sheets of graphite when separated from each other. When stripped to a single layer of carbon atom thickness, graphene is formed. Graphene has good thermal and electrical conductivity. At present, graphene heating sheets have been widely used. Sunshine Goods electronics can provide true and false identification of graphene heating sheet, performance evaluation, product selection and other services.

四、Sunshine Goods---Application case advantage analysis

1. This case is mature and stable with complete functions, ready-made modules, short development cycle and low investment in human and material resources.

2. This case is suitable for a variety of heating devices or heating applications with strong expansibility (such as intelligent quilt, etc.).

3. This case can expand other physiological monitoring functions, including heart rate and ecg measurement.

4. This case is suitable for a USB main control band one way/multiple way heating device.

5. Sunshine Goods electronics can use multiple self-research modules to customize and expand various embedded integrated application schemes for users.

6. Sunshine Goods electronics can quickly plan various schemes for customers by means of multi-case introduction and case expansion.

7. Sunshine Goods electronics can expand its business model for customers and act as customer FAE when necessary.

五、Sunshine Goods---Application scheme picture reference


Graphene heating temperature control and monitoring scheme

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——Graphene heating/far-infrared physiotherapy control scheme——