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Watch - bracelet - id card integrated into the campus card application

Author: jiang zhengling  From:Sunshine GoodElectrpnic

RFID electronic tag and a smart card now, is a household name SMARTCARD technology product development, a huge industrial chain environment gradually present state of vicious competition, the limitations of technological innovation and intelligent electronic products field, Internet high-speed development needs multiple pressure, merge into patterns represent the river's lake, mobile phones, smart phones, wrist appliance with ring, multifunctional smart card, bluetooth headset, smart clothing such as a portable mobile terminal is expected to enter the closed loop application class B end market.The author of this exploration is electronic tag RFID and SMARTCARD SMARTCARD into the mobile terminal breakthrough campus one-card application related topics.

On the decline of the card age

From ID card to IC card, card has occupied a huge influence in the whole world, for no other reason, identification, authentication, payment three functions have been quietly changing people's living habits, RFID electronic tag, smart card development is rapid, at this stage of the card era seems to have reached the peak.However, although the quantity of demand in the conventional market is growing, the profit margin supporting the development of the industry is sharply declining. The soaring costs of all kinds lead to the weaker and weaker operating capacity of card companies, and the decline of the card era arises spontaneously.

As the saying goes, "when things go to extremes, they will go to extremes." the author believes that with the innovation of card technology, the evolution of product model and the breakthrough of business model, maybe the card era will usher in the post-card era of "replacing guns with guns, green trains with high-speed trains".


M1 card


Multifunctional  card


Smart card embedding

The weakness of the C terminal market of portable mobile terminals and the exploration of the B terminal market

The market expansion of portable mobile terminals began in the 1990s, including usb flash drives, MP3 players, MP4 players, feature phones, smart phones...China, with its vast territory and abundant resources, has the most attractive and huge consumer c-end market.Shanzhai rampant, the rise of brands, portable mobile terminal technology and product innovation emerge in an endless stream, touched the hearts of the Chinese people, and gradually affected the Chinese people's values.However, at the current stage of the world economic downturn, the slow development of semiconductor technology, electronic products can not effectively inject new blood, people's desire to buy less, portable mobile terminals in the consumer C end market is declining.Where do mobile terminals go from here?

In recent years China's strategy of "stimulating domestic demand" in regional development, industry positioning, enterprise management from "quantitative" professional in the direction of the integration of qualitative breakthrough, C TO B market development mode tired out entrepreneur's body and mind, but, so exploring the mobile payment, campus id, smart home, intelligent production management, intelligent health preservation, intelligent outdoor sports, such as new retail application B end market seminar, head of storm, peak BBS is ubiquitous, market orientation has become a trend... 


The fusion innovation pattern reappears all corners of the country, strives for the central plains, who wins the world?

The technical basis of the card product form is led by passive RFID electronic tags and passive SMARTCARD smart CARDS. The technology mode and function are simple to realize. The mobile terminal is placed into the card, and the technology mode is diversified. Passive interference insertion, passive interference insertion, multi-function electronic tag/smart card active insertion. Internet of things + mode insertion, etc., the embedded mobile terminals can be expanded: mobile phone, watch, bracelet, multi-functional identification card, bluetooth headset, plug-in accessories, luxury goods, clothing, shoes and hats, glasses, belts, high-end lighters, etc.The battle for recognition, certification and payment functions seems to be opening up new battlegrounds.Let's go to the central plains once again and explore a new road to the future.


The campus one-card model is not the end, but the beginning of a new era

Close/long-distance communication identification, close communication/remote network security certification, internal settlement and payment, and external settlement and cross-border payment diversified technology application modes are comprehensively distributed in the field of campus one-card.Campus organization structure is complex, application scenarios are various, and the cross-boundary integration development of business applications is approaching maturity.

At the present stage, there is an obvious demand for intelligence and Internet of things, and the demand for upgrading new mobile terminals and environmental terminal equipment is gradually increasing. This mode is not the exclusive end, but portable expansion, and can be used for smart home, theme park and other applications.Technology model leads the business model, is destined to be a new era.


Scalable one-card platform architecture

Sunshine Good electronics provides diversified solutions to support the campus one-card model

13.56mhz passive/active M1 card placement scheme for mobile terminals

13.56mhz passive/active single-interface CPU card placement scheme for mobile terminals

13.56mhz passive/active dual interface CPU card placement scheme for mobile terminals

13.56MHZ active nfc-picc analog card placement scheme for mobile terminals

13.56mhz /915MHZ/ 2.4ghz multi-frequency RFID placement scheme for mobile terminals

ESE security module into the mobile terminal scheme

Iot data transmission/hardware networking into the mobile terminal scheme


Sunshine Good electronics for mobile terminals into the campus one-card mode to solve the puzzle

Manufacturing problem of electronic tag/smart card module & module antenna substrate

Electronic label/smart card module & module PCBA manufacturing problem

Rfid/smart card modules & modules RF RF electrical problems

Electronic tag/smart card module & module driver, Internet of things + related issues

Electronic tag/smart card module & module security issues

Electronic label/smart card technology, terminal products, application closed-loop standard issues