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Ultrathin rigid circuit board manufacturing solutions

1. Basic properties of PCB products:

Project Name:Ultrathin Rigid PCB

Project function type:Component carrier

The core base material:FR4、BT ceramic etc

Brand:/       Type:/

Auxiliary materials:Material specification:/

Brand:/       Type:/

size:/           layers:1-6layers

Min thickness:0.1mm        Min hole:0.2mm

Min trace:3mil                   Min sapcing:3mil

Insulation resistance welding:Thermosetting/

photosensitive ink (multiple colors)

silk technology:Multicolor character ink stack-up:/

Special packaging:BGA、COB etc.   

Surface treatment:ENIG、Pltaed gold、HASL、OSP etc.



2. Special manufacturing technology of PCB products:

Materials technology:Thin rigid circuit board is often used with small shrinkage coefficient, high hardness, warping deformation coefficient, low moisture absorption rate of materials; Some ultra-thin circuit boards need to choose materials with controllable dielectric constant, loss factor and other electrical performance indicators.

Manufacturing technology:Drilling, copper precipitation, electroplating, etching, molding and other processes often need to use the flexible circuit board manufacturing process control to complete;Prevent warping and deformation of ultra-thin circuit board, hollow out and no circuit empty area adopt isolated copper paving design, and mesh design for process edge


3. Circuit board product microelectronics technology:

Materials technology:Part of the ultra-thin rigid circuit board needs to control no trace of the line, must use special ink and printing coating process; Part of the ultra-thin rigid circuit board needs to guarantee the shape, size, surface technology and insulation bridge of the special package;

Manufacturing technology:Part of the ultra-thin rigid circuit board requires the same surface of a variety of surface processes, the same surface of a variety of insulation materials; Some ultra-thin rigid circuit boards require special surface processes, such as nickel palladium gold.

4. Circuit board product hardware electronics technology:

Most of the ultra-thin rigid circuit boards act as the support carrier of components/circuit connections in the technical environment of electronic circuit hardware;

A few ultra-thin rigid circuit boards can be used as LCR devices (such as variable carbon-oil bridge resistors, parallel plate capacitors, coil inductors, etc.);

Some ultra-thin rigid circuit boards use differential circuit design to simulate MESH safety circuit.


5. PCB product manufacturing and production control:

Core manufacturing processes: drilling, electroplating production control warping deformation;

Core QC engineering procedures: inspection of substrate material IQC, first inspection after line etching, first inspection after surface technology;

Finished product functional test: circuit open and short circuit functional test;Some products need to test the functional fixture of analog circuit;Line defect functional test;

Reliability test of finished products: optional salt spray test;Thermal shock test, weldability test, etc.

Product certification: 3C certification, UL certification, etc.

6. Product design available from Sunshine Good electronics:

Can provide electronic circuit schematic design, PCB wiring design, functional test fixture design;

Can provide manufacturability design, PCB-CAM design.


Sunshine Good service: hardware design, Schematic design, PCB layout, CAM design, Functional fixture design

7. Product application:

Independent microelectronic product substrate (SD card, SIM card, etc.), other IC boards, etc.