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Three track magnetic stripe card decoding encryption security module scheme
PN:: Three track magnetic stripe card decoding encryption module Project product type: Identification - authentication - payment
Core chip reference: Brand Chinese Core 2
Type 360S-Z
Support agreement: ISO7811、ISO7812、ISO7813
Support RF: Working frequency and working mode NO
Radio frequency modulation mode NO
Module support interface: Interface for three-track magnetic stripe card reader、UART
Module extensible interface: USB、232 etc
Drive: No drive Provide protocol interface /SDK/ dynamic library
Microprocessor extension LED, buzzer, etc
Safe: 1, public key algorithm RSA, SM2/ symmetric algorithm DES, 3DES, AES, SM4/ abstract algorithm SM3, SHA/CRC
2. Storage protection/true random number generator
3. Safety detection and protection unit (voltage, lighting, power supply, metal shielding, temperature, frequency, PCI, MESH, etc.)
function: 1, two track, three track magnetic stripe card card decoding
2. Decoding and encryption
3. Extended multi-interface application
4. Adopt safety chip and meet PCI requirements
5, magnetic head manufacturing design integrated supply
Module application: Magnetic head card reader, settlement system/information system software platform small closed loop mode breakthrough ATM/POS terminal/security facilities/building access control application.
Product form: Independent product form The core chip IDH module form, SMT/COB mounting mode, the base plate adopts flexible circuit board FPCB, MESH anti-detection and anti-disassembly design, and output module pin interface through gold finger connector or female socket.
Insert terminal device Access control machine, ATM machine, traditional POS machine, intelligent POS machine, MPOS machine and so on.
Common application cases: 1. Use of POS machine
2. Overseas shopping mall membership card management
3. Overseas access control machine
4. ATM, etc
Product problems: Project planning and product design Scheme planning: the chip scheme of Sunshine Goods electronics partner can be used for replacement;Product design: Sunshine Goods electronics provides IDH module ODM support, with obvious cost performance, patent protection, and PCI security certification.
The closed loop application Magnetic stripe card, magnetic head read card ISO standard, easy to operate.
Product manufacturing IDH module & module must ensure the flatness of the substrate and the expansion and shrinkage of the structure size.