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Sunshine Good Electronic,Development of POS machine magnetic strip payment and magnetic head component

——Conventional, MESH hard encryption, soft encryption head——

Based on circuit board design and manufacturing solutions and wireless communication RF RF solutions, Sunshine Good electronics has effectively broken through the application hardware system of the Internet of things.At the present stage, it focuses on the research and development of mobile payment application scheme based on NFC card mode and card reader mode, and explores the necessity that the magnetic head card swiping and contact card swiping schemes of POS terminals of mobile payment have become the expansion of Sunshine Good electronic strategy.

1. Development status of POS machine magnetic head

International EMV organizations actively advocating and full support from China unionpay, double interface (contact and non-contact) with the rapid development of smart CARDS, magnetic head card payment exit the market has become a fact of life, but hit a security, spending habits, again into the high cost of hardware, policy guidance, incomplete infrastructure network and so on various issues, domestic head card mode will still exist for a period of time, demand is still huge.The international Internet finance develops slowly, the original POS machine market will still develop at a high speed, the magnetic head swiping card mode will make a rapid breakthrough in security upgrade, and the software and hardware encryption will develop rapidly.

2. POS machine magnetic head composition and product realization solution

Magnetic head components: bare magnetic head (magnetic head hardware structural parts, magnetic core components, vinyl), fixed shrapnel, interface soft wiring (MESH, encryption IC);

Magnetic head component product realization solution: bare head design and processing, fixed chip design and processing, interface soft line design and processing, parts assembly, functional testing, FQC quality inspection and shipment.The key control points are winding of magnetic core components of bare head, grinding of hardware structural parts, assembly of bare head and decorating adhesive of standard bit seal.Soft wiring plug hole, MESH low resistance control and encryption IC-SMT mount /COB package are key control points.

1. POS machine magnetic head component product form

(1). Normal bare head: double track and three-track heads of normal thickness. Please refer to the product list for details


(2). Special bare head: ultra-thin thickness double track and three track head

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(3). Simple magnetic head connection line: single FPCB soft line, no reinforcement;Single FPCB soft wiring, golden finger PI reinforcement;Double-sided FPCB soft wiring, no reinforcement;Double-sided FPCB soft wiring, golden finger PI reinforcement;


(4). Conventional magnetic head connection wiring: double-sided FPCB soft wiring, PI\ steel sheet double reinforcement.Refer to POS machine accessories - list of soft wiring products, product recognition or product specification.

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(5). Special magnetic head connection wiring: double-sided, multi-layer FPCB soft wiring, MESH, no reinforcement;Double-sided and multi-layer FPCB soft wiring, MESH, PI/ steel sheet reinforcement;Double-sided and multi-layer FPCB soft wiring, MESH, ic-smt /COB,PI/ steel sheet reinforcement;


Sunshine Good electronics, r&d and certification of swiping card for magnetic head payment, and supply of magnetic head components

1、 Sunshine Good electronics can provide POS terminal magnetic head swipe card scheme development and payment authentication services;

2、 Sunshine Good electronics can provide product design services for magnetic head components embedded in POS terminals;

3、Sunshine Good electronics can provide POS bare head procurement service;

4、 Sunshine Good electronics can provide soft wiring scheme design (conventional, MESH, soft encryption) and manufacturing of POS head components;

5、 Sunshine Good electronics can provide POS machine magnetic head assembly and processing services.