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Smart card - special CPU flexible card module
PN: Smart card - special CPU flexible card module Type: payment
Core chip reference: Brand \



P/N \
Support agreement: ISO/IEC   14443,ISO/IEC 7816
Working frequency : 13.56MHz
RF Working mode: Electromagnetic coupling mode
Radio frequency modulation: ASK100%,
Module support interface: Non-contact
Modules can extend the interface: \
Drive: No drive No drive
Microprocessor development \
Safe: DES, 3DES, AES                                                                                  
Function: Non-contact data and energy transfer (without power supply);Operating distance not less than 100mm (related to antenna size);Communication baud rate: 106Kbit/s。
Module application: E-tag CARDS, mobile payments, EMV DDA, e-wallets.
Product form: Independent product form Core chip IDH module form, SMT/COB mounting mode, flexible circuit board (FPCB) is adopted for the substrate, and ferrite/resin composite absorbing/amorphous, nanocrystalline and other anti-interference materials can be attached on the back.
Insert terminal equipment Mobile terminal such as mobile phone, watch and bracelet.
Common application cases: 1. Campus one-card;
2. Public traffic card;
3. Citizen card;
4,Electronic wallets.
Product problems: Program planning and product design Scheme planning: it can be replaced by the chip scheme of Sunshine Goods electronic partner;Product design: shijia electronics provides IDH module ODM support
The closed loop application Non-contact reading CARDS, meeting ISO standards, radio - frequency electrical compatibility problems are more common.
Product manufacturing The consistency of rf indicators, NFC terminal compatibility, IDH module & module must ensure the flatness of the substrate and the expansion and shrinkage of the structure size.