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Smart card - full card mobile payment module
PN:Smart card - full card mobile payment moduleType:Payment 
Core chip reference:Brand\



Support agreement:ISO/IEC 14443,ISO/IEC 7816
Working frequency :13.56MHz
RF Working mode:Electromagnetic coupling mode
Radio frequency modulation:ASK100%,
Module support interface:Non-contact, contact
Modules can extend the interface:\
Drive:No driveNo drive
Microprocessor development\
Safe:DES, 3DES, AES, SM1/SSF33/SM2/SM3/SM4                                                                           
Function:Non-contact data and energy transfer (without power supply);Operating distance not less than 50mm (related to antenna size);Communication baud rate: 106Kbit/s 212Kbit/s.
Application module:Mobile payment, e-wallet/e-passbook.
Product form:Independent product formCore chip IDH module form, SMT/COB mounting mode, base plate adopts BT resin, built-in antenna adopts customized development scheme, signal side direction transmission.
Insert terminal equipmentMobile terminal such as mobile phone, watch and bracelet.
Common application cases:1. Telecom wing payment;
2. Campus one-card;
3,Public traffic card.
Product problems:Program planning and product designScheme planning: it can be replaced by the chip scheme of sjai electronic partner;
Product design: shijia electronics provides IDH module ODM support.
The closed loop applicationTerminal environment is complex, antenna miniaturization, RF compatibility problems are common.
Product manufacturingThe antenna and product have the same rf indicators, NFC terminal compatibility, IDH module & module must guarantee the flatness of the substrate and the expansion and shrinkage of the structure size, and ensure the qualified rate of the product after injection.