Ukey-PCB with small size box

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Product Details

Ukey-PCB with small size box: UKey is a small storage device that is directly connected to the computer through USB (universal serial bus interface), has password verification function, and is reliable and high-speed.Ukey is a very powerful supplement to the current network security system. It is a network security product certified by China information security assessment and certification center.Based on trusted computer and smart card technology to ease of use, portability and highest level of security to use Microsoft Internet explorer and Netscape Navigator Web access, online trading (shopping, payment), E-mail, online chat friends and sign the form, digital signature file operations such as users, ensure the operation of the users under the ukey tamper-resistant, denial.Ukey is characterized by high security, strong technical specification consistency, good operating system compatibility, and flexible use.

The board info as follow:

PCB size:24*10mm
Trace/space: 5/5 mil
Min hole:0.25mm
copper: 1/1 OZ
soldermask color: Green
silkscreen: White
Surface treatment: plated gold:30U"
Product certification:Provide relevant certification and technical support.
Support services:PCB design、Function fixture test、Flying probe test

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