high frequency PCBs

Rogers RT5880 laminatehave the lowest Dk for a copper clad laminate available in the market today. Because of its low dielectric constant of 1.96 at 10 GHz, RT/duroid 5880LZ supports broadband applications at the microwave through millimeter-wave frequencies where dispersion and circuit losses must be minimized. It is a lightweight, PTFE-based composite optimized with a unique filler that provides very low density (1.37 gm/cm3) and a low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) in the Z-axis. This makes 5880LZ well suited for fabricating high-frequency circuits with plated-through holes (PTH) and allows higher vehicle payloads. In addition, the dielectric constant is uniform from panel-topanel and constant over a wide frequency range. Its low dissipation factor extends the usefulness of RT 5880 to K-band and above.

Product Details

Shenbei Circuits is one of the professional high frequency pcbs manufacturers and suppliers in China, offering the best services and the highest quality solutions for you. 

Key Specifications/Special Features:

Material; FR-4 (Tg-135C, 145C, 170C), Halogen- free
Rogers Ultralam 2000, Rogers RO4350, Rogers RO4003
Black FR-4
Arlon AR-350 /527/870
Getek copper clad thermal substrates
Hybrid (Rogers and FR4) BT Epoxy
Nelco 4013
Metal core materials
Aluminum core
Board thickness: 0.4-3.2mm
Copper thickness 0.5-6oz
Surface finish; HASL (vertical & horizontal), lead free HASL, OSP/Entek, ENIG, ENEPIG,
HASL + gold finger, immersion tin (ISn), immersion silver(IAg), carbon
ink, hard gold(flash gold), soft gold
Solder mask color; Green, blue, black, red, yellow, white, clear,
Silk screen color : White, black, yellow, green, red, blue
Blind Vias : Yes
Buried Vias : Yes
Controlled Impedance tolerance +/-5%
Peelable mask: Yes
First article: Yes
Certification: UL, RoHS, SGS, ISO, IPC approved

Primary Competitive Advantages:

  • Green Product

  • Guarantee/Warranty

  • Packaging

  • Price

  • Product Features

  • Product Performance

  • Prompt Delivery

  • Quality Approvals

  • Service

  • Small Orders Accepted

Main Export Markets:

  • Eastern Europe

  • Mid East/Africa

  • North America

  • Western Europe

  • Asia

  • Australasia

  • Central/South America


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