Rogers 5880 PCBs

ogers RT5880 laminatehave the lowest Dk for a copper clad laminate available in the market today. Because of its low dielectric constant of 1.96 at 10 GHz, RT/duroid 5880LZ supports broadband applications at the microwave through millimeter-wave frequencies where dispersion and circuit losses must be minimized. It is a lightweight, PTFE-based composite optimized with a unique filler that provides very low density (1.37 gm/cm3) and a low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) in the Z-axis. This makes 5880LZ well suited for fabricating high-frequency circuits with plated-through holes (PTH) and allows higher vehicle payloads. In addition, the dielectric constant is uniform from panel-topanel and constant over a wide frequency range. Its low dissipation factor extends the usefulness of RT 5880 to K-band and above.

Product Details

Basic information:

Material: HF Rogers 5880 with 1.2mm


Board size: 65*70mm

Surface finish: plated gold

Copper Weight: 1/1OZ

Solder mask: Green

Silk Screen: White

Delivery time: Sample for 3 days, Mass production´╝Ü5-8 days,24 hours available


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