Rigid-Flex PCB

Rigid-Flex Pcb, Rigid-Flex Print Circuits Board, 4layer Rigid-Flex Pcb manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Rigid-Flex PCB, PCB, Aluminum Board and so on.

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Product Detail

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Rigid-Flex PCB
Shenbei Group factory has been certificated by ISO9001, ISO14001 and TS 16949. We offers one-station and omnidirectional service to clients around the world, electrively entering product market. It's key products are backpanel, HDI, Rigid-flex PCB board, which are used for Telecom, automotive, communications terminas, IT, consumer electronics, military, high-end equipment, industrial electronics, etc. We kindly hope you can join us as our valued customer to enjoy our ecxellent logistics service, perfect quality product and top delivery performance. Also, we kindly hope to be your trust partner from China in PCB field.

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