Planar transformer PCB

The successful development of planar magnetic core can realize planar transformer design. Since the planar transformer requires the magnetic core and windings to be planar structure, multi-layer PCB windings should be adopted.Now, many companies have developed planar transformer, Pulse, the company developed a planar magnetic components, Israel Payton Payton company has developed a Planetics planar transformer, power from 5 w to 20 kw, since 20 KHZ and 2 MHZ frequency, efficiency can reach 98%, usually is the telecommunications, electric welding machine, computers and peripherals, network, medical electronics, industrial control, security system and the choice of electronic equipment.

Product Details

Planar transformer PCB

Material: PI

Layers: 10 layers

Thickness: 0.45mm

Size: 30x22 mm

copper thickness: 1OZ

HDI: Yes, blind hole

Space/trace: 6/6 mil

Min hole:0.15mm

surface treatment: Immersion gold 2U"


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