PCB for CPC card

Highway composite toll card is also known as CPC card. Its road network application is one of the basic and core work for the pilot project of canceling expressway provincial boundary toll station.CPC card can identify the information of vehicle entrance and exit toll stations, accurately record the actual driving path of vehicles, and provide an important basis for cross-provincial toll charging and settlement.

Product Details

PCB for CPC card:

CPC composite pass in accordance with the ministry of communications in 2015 # 40 announcement "charge ambiguity of toll road network path identification technology requirements, using 5.8 G of GB/T20851 dedicated short-range communications DSRC technology and ISO14443 standard 13.56 MHz contactless smart card technology to carry on the design, built the dense SM4 safety algorithm, transceiver one-piece high sensitivity microwave integrated chip and 32-bit high-performance low-power ARM main control chip design.

The DSRC communication and service primitives between the 5.8g CPC composite toll card and the marking RSU are in compliance with the provisions of GB/T 20851.2, GB/T20851.3 and the technical requirements for the identification of toll road network toll multimeanings.

The wake function of 5.8g CPC composite toll card is optional: microwave wake function and regular cycle wake function are adopted.

The 5.8g CPC composite toll card supports management functions such as power on and shutdown of IC card readers.

CPC CARDS are mostly equipped with built-in batteries. Generally, the battery life is about 5 years. If the battery runs out, the CPC card needs to be replaced.

Influence of PCB on CPC card performance

 With the advance of national cancellation of interprovincial toll stations on highways, all toll CARDS are bound to be replaced with CPC CARDS. This market demand will expand rapidly, and CPC CARDS usually need to be replaced within 5 years, so the overall market demand is huge.

For CPC card to reduce costs, production enterprises use ordinary epoxy FR - 4 more material for CPC card antenna design, printed circuit boards and FR - 4 materials out of the consistency and stability of the CPC card awakens the sensitivity is poorer, and the factors influencing the CPC card awakens the sensitivity of a material medium thickness, dielectric constant, dielectric loss, the coil wire diameter size, the CPC card antenna size, the line impedance matching standing wave ratio, etc., influencing factors is more, need to find out the main influence and improve control, Finally, the CPC card was produced with fr-4 material to ensure the consistency and stability of awakening sensitivity.


Special production control of PCB for CPC card by Sunshine Good Electronics


Based on the PCB of CPC card, the advantages of CPC card in the field of RF antenna design and manufacturing have been brought into full play. Through the following improved control measures, the CPC card products produced with CPC card have better consistency and stability of awakening sensitivity.

1. Select base material suppliers and base material models to ensure stable base material supply performance parameters.

2. The substrate used by Sunshine Good Electronics for the CPC card before the production of the printed circuit board is measured and the substrate thickness and dielectric constant are carefully selected to ensure better performance parameters.

3. Copper foil thickness and etching precision of copper foil layer shall be strictly controlled in the production of printed circuit board.

4. After the production of printed circuit board, Sunshine Good Electronics conducts performance tests on the coil antenna on the printed circuit board.


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