U-KEY double PCB

Key Specifications/Special Features: 8-layer PCB Base material: FR-4 T170 Thickness: 1.6mm Finishing: immersion tin/gold, outlined by CNCrouting Solder mask: LPI (green) Minimum line width/spacing: 0.1mm Minimum hole size: 0.2mm Gold finger: 32U" Main Export Markets: Eastern Europe North America...

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U-KEY double PCB Specifications/Special Features:

Main Export Markets:

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- 1 to 30-layer FR-4 PCBs with HDI and metal core PCBs such as aluminum based PCBs, copper based PCBs and iron based PCBs
- Production of prototypes, high-mix, medium or low
- Volume orders with IPC standards
Metal core PCB
Capability of PCB
Standard: advanced
Number of layers: 1-16/30
Base: Fr4, Cem1, high TG, AL base, PT, Rogers, Nalco
Base materials: FR4 Tg/Tg>=130min/TG/>=170 max
Finish board thicknesses: 0.3-6.0mm/<0.30/>7.0mm
Minimum core thickness: 0.10cu (excluded cu)
Copper thickness:
Inner layer: 4oz (max)
Outer layer: 5oz (max)

U-KEY PCB Introduction:

UKey authentication system components SecureFile function components provide file based encryption, decryption and other functions. Encryption is carried out through the operation of Ukey built-in chip, which ensures the security of files in the encryption process and encryption to the greatest extent:

1. Wide range of application: support encryption and decryption functions of various files.

2. Multiple encryption algorithms:

    5 secure, reliable and efficient encryption algorithms, the system supports DES, RC5, IDEA, BlowFish, Misty1 and other five encryption algorithms:

3, unique hidden function: file, directory hidden function, to prevent illegal user operation.

4. File safe:

    Provide my safe, keep the original storage location of the files, can operate the files through my safe and decrypt all the files at one time.

5, directory encryption function: using the directory encryption function, any copy to the encrypted directory of the file automatically encrypted.

6. Confidential editing function: it provides the function of editing files in encrypted state. The user can  directly edit existing files without decrypting the files when inserting UKey, and exit to save and still  maintain the encrypted state.

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