OBU (Short for On board Unit) is a microwave device which USES DSRC (Dedicated Short Range Communication) technology to communicate with RSU. In the ETC system, OBU is put on the vehicle and rsu-road Side Unit is set up on the roadside to communicate with each other through microwave. When the vehicle passes through the RSU at high speed, the microwave communication between the OBU and the RSU is just like our non-contact card, only the distance is longer -- more than ten meters, and the frequency is higher -- 5.8ghz. When passing through, the vehicle can be identified as true or false, get the model, calculate the rate and deduct the toll.

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1 )Product info:

In the ETC system, OBU adopts DSRC technology to establish a microwave communication link with RSU. On the way of vehicle moving, without stopping, it can realize vehicle identification, electronic fee deduction, no-stop, card-free and unattended vehicle channel.

Effect of printed circuit board on OBU performance

2) PCB solution

Domestic ETC charging system has gradually entered the stage of large-scale construction. With the constant increase of ETC system, the demand of OBU products is increasing, and the market prospect is very good. There are more and more enterprises producing OBU products, and the market competition is very fierce.

3)  The products available are design and service.

Such general 5.83 Ghz working frequency, the OBU products in order to ensure consistency antenna awakens the sensitivity and stability, generally USES Rogers or flourishing spirit high frequency materials for printed circuit board production, in order to reduce the production cost the OBU, because of the large market demand more and more the OBU products manufacturing enterprises with ordinary epoxy FR - 4 materials for the OBU antenna design products,And FR - 4 materials out of the OBU sensei sensitivity, poor stability and consistency of product and the factors affecting the OBU awakens the sensitivity of a material medium thickness, dielectric constant and dielectric loss, the size of the coil wire diameter, the OBU antenna size, the line impedance matching standing wave ratio, etc., influencing factors is more, need to find out the main influence and improve control, finally realize the FR - 4 material production the OBU products and ensure the consistency and stability of the sensei sensitivity.

4) Finished functional testing and Finished product reliability test.

Special production control for printed circuit board for OBU by Sunshine Good Electronics:

 With regard to the printed circuit boards used by the OBU, Sunshine Good electronics gives full play to the advantages of Sunshine Good Electronics in the field of rf antenna design and manufacturing for many years. Through the following improvement control measures of Sunshine Good electronics, the OBU products produced with Sunshine Good electronic printed circuit boards have better consistency and stability of awakening sensitivity.

1. Select base material suppliers and base material models to ensure stable base material supply performance parameters.

2. The substrate used by Sunshine Good electronic pair OBU before the production of printed circuit boards is measured and selected strictly to ensure better performance parameters.

3. Copper foil thickness and etching precision of copper foil layer shall be strictly controlled in the production of printed circuit board.

4. After the production of printed circuit board, Sunshine Good electronics conducts performance tests on the coil antenna on the printed circuit board.

5) Our service as follow:

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