4 Layers ENIG Multilayer PCBs with Partial Buried Copper

4 Layers ENIG Multilayer PCBs with Partial Buried Copper
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Multilayer PCBs

The multilayer pcb is mainly used in professional electronic equipment,such computers and military equipment, especially in the case of the overload of weight and volume. The mltilayer pcb is also very useful in high-speed circuit. The mltilayer pcb can provide more space for the conductor pattern and power. Shenbei PCB Co.,Ltd., is specialized in Flex PCB & Rigid PCB prototyping, PCB manufacturing, PCB assembling and stencil in China.

The multilayer pcb is made up by two or more pcbs which are stacked together with reliable predefined mutual connection between them. There are at least three conductive layers in one multilayer pcb with two layers outside and the one layer synthetized in the insulation board. Due to the complex manufacturing process and lower production , the cost of multilayer pcb is relatively higher.

1)Multilayer PCBs with 4 Layers; ENIG with partial buried copper;

Layer: 4 layers

Dimension: 24*45 mm

Track/Spacing: 10/7 mil

Surface Finish: Immersion Gold

Material: FR-4

Thickness: 1.6 mm

Features: Partial Buried Copper

The outcoming of multilayer pcb results from requirements of the development of electronic technology, such as high speed, multi-function, high-capacity, small size. 

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