FR-4 Impedance Controlled PCB 10 Layer TG170 Immersion Gold for 220V Inverter

Impedance PCB with 3/3mil trace width/spacing; 3mil single 50ohm+/-10ohm; 3/3mil 100ohm+/-10%

Product Details

3)Impedance PCB with 3/3mil trace width/spacing; 3mil single 50ohm+/-10ohm; 3/3mil 100ohm+/-10%;

Controlled ImpedancePCB 

Layer: 8L

Material: FR4  TG170

Size: 13*19cm

Board Thickness: 2.0mm

Surface finish: Immersion Gold

Solder Masker: Black

Copper Thickness: 1Oz

Special: differential characteristic impedance

Controlled Dielectric

The typical design considerations involved in the determination of the requirement for controlling the impedance are the strength of the signals involved, the susceptibility of the circuit to noise and signal distortion, the criticality of signal timing and the speed at which the signal’s source is attempting to force a change in voltage and/or current.

Characteristic impedance is also known as natural impedance, and it refers to the equivalent resistance of a transmission line if it were infinitely long, owing to distributed capacitance and inductance as the voltage and current “waves” propagate along its length at a propagation velocity equal to some large fraction of light speed.

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