Immersion silver PCB

Shenbei Group have a very rich experience produce the Immersion silver PCB,we have finished different kinds of Immersion silver PCBs for our customers,if you need any PCBs product or technology support,please contact us!

Product Details

Shenbei Circuits ability:

1.  SB production code: SB PCB-1201
2.  Finished thickness: 1.60mm
3.  Material type:   FR-4 2Layers Rigid PCB
4.  Finished Cu:   1/1oz
5.  Min. line width/space:  0.254/0.254mm
6.  Min hole size:  0.30mm
7.  S/M type:  LPI green S/M
8.  Silkscreen color: White silkscreen
9.  Surface treatment:Immersion silver
10.  Production use for:  communication device
11. Special noting:  According with UL & RoHS;

Our capacity is as below showing:
1. Our products: Single/double-side PCB, multi-layer (up to 16layers), buried-blind vias holes(HDI), hard gold plating, rigid + flex, flexible PCB, etc. Max board size to be 1200*500mm.

2. Material range—FR-4 (130TG-180TG), halogen free laminate, polyimide, aluminum….

3. Quick turn --- 24 Hour/48hour delivery available for single/double sided and 4-layer boards.

4. Surface treatment--- HAL (lead-free), Chem. Ni/Au, flash gold, OSP, Chem. Tin, gold finger, etc.

5. Finished copper thickness up to 5oz (175um)

Shipping Information:

Contact Information:

Ronnie-Sales manager

Shenbei Group

Tel: +86 0755-23334183

Fax: +86 0755-23334185




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