Immersion silver PCB with 8 layers

Shenbei Group have a very rich experience produce the Immersion silver PCB,we have finished different kinds of Immersion silver PCBs for our customers,if you need any PCBs product or technology support,please contact us!

Product Details

Shenbei Circuits ability:

The following is the whole manufacturer capability:
Item material: FR-4/hi Tg FR-4/lead-free materials (RoHS Compliant)/CEM-3, aluminium, metal based
Layer number: 1~16
Finished board thickness: 0.2 mm-3.5mm’ (8 mil-138 mil)
Board thickness tolerance: ±10%
Cooper thickness: 0.5oz 4oz (18um-144um)
Copper plating hole: 18-40um
Impedance control: ±10%
Warp&twist: 0.70% Image
Min trace width (a): 0.075mm (3 mil)
Min space width (b): 0.075mm (3 mil)     
SMD pitch (a): 0.2 mm(8 mil)
BGA pitch (b): 0.2 mm (8 mil)

Solder mask:            
Min solder mask dam (a): 0.0635mm (2.5mil)
Solder mask clearance (b): 0.075mm (3 mil)
Min SMT pad spacing (c): 0.075mm (3 mil)
Solder mask thickness: 0.0007"(0.018mm)

Min hole size (CNC): 0.2 mm (8 mil)
Min punch hole size: 0.9 mm (35 mil)
Hole size tool (+/-): PTH:±0.075mm, NPTH: ±0.05mm
Hole position tool: ±0.075mm

HASL: 2.5um
Immersion gold nickel: 3-7um, Au: 1-5u''
OSP: 0.2-0.5um
Certificates: RoHS, ISO 9001:2008, SGS and UL certificate


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