Blue 10 layer high TG PCB 1OZ FR 4/4mil prepreg high layer count PCB

Blue 10 Layer High Tg PCB 1oz FR 4 4mil Prepreg High Layer Count PCB

Product Details

Blue 10 Layer High Tg PCB 1oz FR 4 4mil Prepreg High Layer Count PCB

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Detailed Product Description

Copper Weight: 1oz

Tg Value: 180 C

Base Material: FR-4


Surface Finish: ENIG

Solder Mask: Blue

Layer Count: 10

Via:  Tented


a) High Tg FR-4 epoxy glass and Prepreg. Industrial standard material with high Tg (175℃ by DSC) and excellent thermal reliability.

b) Lead-Free Assembly Compatible, RoHS compliant and suitable for high thermal reliability needs, and Lead free assemblies with a maximum reflow temperature of 260℃

c) 100% tests inclusive of electrical test and AOI inspection.High voltage test, Impedance control test, micro-section, solder-ability test, thermal stress test, reliability test, insulation resistance test and ionic contamination test etc.

d) Meeting your printed circuit board needs from PCB prototyping to mass volume production.

More Applications in Electronics

Small Led Lights

Contract Manufacturing

Wireless Adapter For Desktop

Wholesale Electronics

24 Port Switch

Power Supplies

Dc-Ac Converter

Dc-Dc Converter


Motor Driver

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