8 Layer high TG PCB FR4 1.6mm immersion gold multilayer circuit board

8 Layer High Tg PCB FR4 1.6mm Immersion Gold Multilayer Circuit Board

Product Details

8 Layer High Tg PCB FR4 1.6mm Immersion Gold Multilayer Circuit Board

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Detailed Product Description

Copper Weight: 2oz

Tg Value: 175 C

Base Material: FR-4


Surface Finish: ENIG

Solder Mask: Green

Layer Count: 8


a) High Tg material. Excellent thermal reliability and CAF resistance providing long-term reliability for industrial and automobile application.

b) Immersion gold. Excellent surface planarity, particularly helpful for PCBs with BGA packages or even CSP mounted components to reduce failure rate during assembly and soldering.

c) PCB manufacturing on required specifications. Right manufacturing instruction (MI), comprehensive equipment management and maintenance and process control, strict WIP inspection and monitoring as well as working instruction, all those make the whole fabrication process totally controlled.

d) Meeting your printed circuit board needs from PCB prototyping to mass volume production.

More Applications In Electronics





Bluetooth Headphones

Programmable Logic Controller Plc

Programmable Ac Power Supply

Traco Power Supply

The Power Supply

Power Supply Inverter

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