Single heavy copper PCB

Product Details Model Number: SB-003 Brand Name: OEM/ODM Country of Origin: China (mainland) Key Specifications/Special Features: PCB Features : Layer: 1 Material: copper Thickness: 2.0mm Copper: 1oz Mini hole: 0.2mm Mini width/space: 0.2mm/0.2mm Finish: Lead free HAL Advantage Highlights...

Product Details

Product Details

Model Number:SB-003

Brand Name:OEM/ODM

Country of Origin:China (mainland)

Key Specifications/Special Features:

PCB Features:

  1. Layer: 1

  2. Material: copper

  3. Thickness: 2.0mm

  4. Copper: 1oz

  5. Mini hole: 0.2mm

  6. Mini width/space: 0.2mm/0.2mm

  7. Finish: Lead free HAL

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