4-layered Heavy Copper PCB For Industrial

4-layered Heavy Copper PCB For Industrial
Product Details

Model Number:SB0014

Brand Name:SB

Country of Origin:China (mainland)

Key Specifications/Special Features:

PCB Features:

  1. Layer: 4

  2. Material: copper

  3. Thickness: 2.0mm

  4. Copper: 3oz

  5. Mini hole: 0.2mm

  6. Mini width/space: 0.2mm/0.2mm

  7. Finish: immersion gold

Advantage  Highlights

  • Specialized in 2- to 32-layer PCB

  • ISO 9001-, ISO 14001- and ISO/TS 16949-certified

  • Products are UL- and RoHS-certified

  • Partner for over 2000 small- and medium-scale customers 

  • Two factory bases totaling 22,000 square meters

  • Less than 12-hours quick response to inquiries

  • Widely acclaimed and satisfying services

  • Over 66% of PCBs are exported to international markets

PCB Specialties:  

  • PCB types: rigid PCB/flex PCB/rigid-flex PCB/MCPCB /high frequency PCB/high TG PCB and more

  • PCB materials: FR4/Al base/polyimide/copper base/Rogers/halogen-free/PTFE/PPO/PPE and more

  • PCB finishes: HAL/LFHAL/ENIG/immersion tin/OSP/ immersion silver/flash gold/gold-plated and more

  • PCB applications: communication/medical/IoT/automobiles/system control/power and energy supply/consumer electronics/LED industry and more

Benefits for you

  • 100% quality-tested

  • Cutting-edge technology to handle your custom or complex PCB requirements

  • Cost-saving; increase your profitability

  • Hassle-free and time-saving

  • Receive backing from an experienced industry leader

Quality Practices

  • Stringent PCB requirements compliance and modification procedures

  • High quality raw materials from top suppliers for laminates, copper foil, PP and more

  • Lean manufacturing

  • 100% E-tested;  inspections include AOI, impedance control, soldering ability and more

  • Excellent refund policies

Delivery & Logistics

  • Receive samples in 1-5 days, volume orders in 18 days

  • 24-hour quick-turn service

  • Free samples with sample costs refunded after confirmed standard order

  • Secure packing of goods

  • Best value-added services including shipping, warehousing and more

Company Culture

  • People matter most

  • Humility and discipline

  • Responsibility and accountability

  • Honesty and integrity

  • Maintain excellent work performance

  • Teamwork and love

"We never make PCB by machines, but only with service by hearts."

PCB Fabrication Capability
Board layerMaximum layers 32 layers
SizeMaximum finished dimensions 610mm x 1100mm
Board ThicknessStandard1.6mm ±10% (0.062” ±10%)
Minimum and Maximum0.2 ~ 8.0 mm, 0.01 ~ 0.25”
CopperOuter copper weight0.5oz (17um) ~ 13oz (455um)
Laminate MaterialsFR-4(High TG、halogen-free)、ISOLA(FR408、370HR)、TEFLON、POLYIMIDE,ROGERS(RO4003、RO4350、RO4450) 、Aluminum plate (Single、Double-sided)
DrillingMinimum size0.1mm (0.004”)
Maximum size6.0mm 
Drill Deviation (True position size)±0.002” (0.050mm)
PTH hole tolerance±0.003” (0.075mm)
N-PTH hole tolerance±0.002” (0.050mm)
Angle of Countersink80°、90°、100°、120°
Solder MaskColorgreen、light green、matte green、white
extreme white、black、matte black、yellow、red、 blue、transparent.
SilkscreenColorWhite, black, yellow, red, blue, green
Minimum trace width0.005”
Minimum size0.028” / 0.028”
TestVisual Inspection,Flying probe,Bed of nails,Impedance control,AOI,Digital metallograghic microscope,Solder-ability detection and more
Surface FinishHASL, HASL pb free, immersion gold, immersion silver, immersion tin, O.S.P (Entek), S/G plating, ENEPIG, G/F plating, carbon and more
Blind and Buried ViasResin, hole-filling ink, Plating through hole 

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