Shenbei Group have a very rich experience produce all kinds of HDI PCB,we have finished different kinds of HDI PCBs for our customers,if you need any HDI PCBs product or technology support,please contact us!

Product Details

Key Specifications/Special Features:

  1. Craft ability of one-stop service manufacture PCB assembly

  2. No item craft ability

  3. 1. Surface: finish, HASL, immersion gold, flash gold, gold plating, OSP and immersion tin 

  4. 2. Layer: 2-30 layers

  5. 3. Minimum line width: 3mil 

  6. 4. Minimum line space: 3mil 

  7. 5. Min space between pad to pad: 3mil 

  8. 6. Minimum hole diameter: 0.10 mm 

  9. 7. Min bonding pad diameter: 10mil 

  10. 8. Max proportion of drilling hole and board thickness: 1:12.5 

  11. 9. Max size of finish board: 23*35inch 

  12. 10. Range of finish board’s thickness: 0.21-7.0mm 

  13. 11. Minimum thickness of solder mask: 10um 

  14. 12. Minimum line width of indent: 4mil 

  15. 13. Min height of indent: 25mil 

  16. 14. Color of silkscreen: white, yellow, black 

  17. 15. Date file formats: Gerber file and drilling file, portal series, PADS2000 series, power PCB series, ODB++ 

  18. 16. E-testing 100% E-testing, high voltage testing

  19. 17. Material for board: high TG material, high frequency (Rogers, Teflon, Taconic, Arlon), Halogen-free material 

  20. 18. Other test impedance, testing, resistance, testing, micro section 

  21. 19. Special technological requirement blind and buried via and high thickness copper 

  22. We require our component supplier to sign the quality assurance contract

  23. If the component have any problem or false, we will require the supplier to replace or claims

Shipping Information:

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Company Service:

24 hours quick sample is avaliable here.

reply Customer's any enquiry within 3 hours;

Blind buried hole ,crossed blind hole can be done

24 hours Engineering Gerber files treatment.

24 hours English Engineering Questions Confirmation by E-mail.

Supply the best project fit for production customized

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Ronnie-Sales manager

Shenbei Group


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