Bluetooth module rigid-flex-pcb

PCB, PCBA manufacturing and IC package manufacturing are based on the research of basic materials and manufacturing process, belonging to the category of electronic components and components. The conventional circuit board manufacturing Shenbei circuits early development, the joint Shenzhen Sunshine Good electronic Co., LTD., flexible circuit board manufacturing center, R&dD center, effective breakthrough evaluation certification service center rigid circuit boards, flexible circuit board, and soft circuit boards and other products of special process technology, microelectronics technology, hardware, electronic technology research and development. At the same time, the original manufacturing and management system is being upgraded gradually, and the intelligent production management system is just around the corner.

Product Details

Bluetooth module rigid-flex-pcb info:

Layers: 6 layers Rigid-flex 

material: PI+FR4

PCB size:24*10mm

Trace/space: 5/5 mil
Min hole:0.15mm
Copper: 1/1 OZ
Soldermask color; Green
Silkscreen: White
Surface treatment:ENIG
Product certification:Provide relevant certification and technical support.

Support services:PCB design、Function fixture test、Flying probe test.

Bluetooth module application:


1.Wireless PC peripherals 2. Wireless gamepad 3. Wireless audio

4.Remote control 5. Consumer electronics 6. Home automation

7.Toys 8. Personal health and recreation

Key Specifications/Special Features:

  • 19 years experience of electronic manufacturing sevices for PCB PCBA making

  • One stop service | PCB Manufacturing | Components sourcing and PCB assembly to help you easily achieve your electronic products.

  • More than 1595 customers working with us in telecom,IOT,RF,smartcontrol,security,medical,industrial,automotive,3G/4G/5G products.

  • 100% inspection of all products

  • Sample available for multilayer PCBs, PCB assemblies and HDI PCBs

  • RFQs answered within 24 hours

  • Responses to inquiry within two hours

  • PCBA finished within 2-4weeks

  • Exporting to Europe and North and South America  


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