8 Layers 1.8mm Thickness Rigid Flex PCB with Blue Soldermask and Impedance

8 layers 1.8mm thickness rigid flex PCB with blue soldermask and impedance

Product Details

8 layers 1.8mm thickness rigid flex PCB with blue soldermask and impedance

Material: FR-4+PI

Layers(R+F):2R+2F+2F+2R layers

Thickness:1.8 mm

Min holes:0.32 mm

Min line/space:4 / 4mil

Impedance: Yes,different 50ohm and 80 ohm

Surface treatment:Immersion gold:2 U”


Rigid-flex pcb are combination buildings consisting of flexible and rigid substrates that are laminated together into a single architecture and then sequentially electrically interconnected using plated through-holes. Unlike multilayer flex, the use of plated through-holes is generally a guideline for Rigid Flex PCB products.

Over the years, rigid flex pcb have actually delighted in enormous popularity among militant machine developers. In more previous years the technology has made invasions toward the commercial world. Figure 1-4 reveals to an instance of an uncommon rigid flex. Because of manufacturing challenges, rigid-flex boards are often considered a specialty product for low volume applications. Compaq, however, made an outstanding endeavor to make use of the technology in the manufacturing of circuit board for laptop computers in the 1990s.

Rigid-flex boards are generally multilayer designs, but double-sided designs with only two metal layers are as well feasible. Two-layer rigid-flex constructions have been adopted in the past in miniature form for healthcare applications.

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