4 Layers 1.0mm Thickness Rigid Flex PCB with Small IC and Immersion Gold

​4 layers 1.0mm thickness rigid flex with small IC and immersion gold

Product Details

4 layers 1.0mm thickness rigid flex with small IC and immersion gold

Material: FR-4+PI

Layers(R+F):2+2 layers


Min holes:0.2 mm

Min line/space:6 / 6mil

Impedance: No

Surface treatment:Immersion gold

Shebei group ability for Rigid-flex:



Base Material

Polyimide(PI), Polyester(PET)

Stiffener Material

Polyimide / FR4 / Metal


FPC:1-6 Layers
Rigid-Flex:2-10 Layers

Board Thickness


Max / Min Board Size

Min: 0.2"x0.3" Max: 20.5"x13"

Min line width/space


Min Through Hole Size


Minimum Trace/Space

0.0015″/.002″ (0.33 oz.)
0.002″/.0025″ (0.5 oz.)
0.003″/.0035″ (1 oz.)

Minimum Via Hole Diameter

0.006″ (NC Drill)
0.002″ (UV Laser)

Minimum Blind Via Diameter

0.004″ (UV Laser)

Trace to Edge Distance

0.010″ ( NC Route )
0.008″ (Die Punch)

Trace to Edge Tolerance

0.005″ ( NC Route )
0.003″ (Die Punch)
0.001″ (UV Laser)

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