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RFID-900M Reading and writing module
PN:RFID-900M   Reading and writing moduleType:Identification authentication
Core chip reference:Brand\UA3)`OS(~Q_Q$J)3J60AJ61
Support   agreementISO18000-6C/EPC C1G2
Support RF:Working frequency :840~960MHz
Radio frequency modulationASK
Module support interface:UART
Modules can extend the interface:Reset, multiple GPIO, etc
Drive:Non-DriveOpen API library functions
Radio frequency modulationReset, status indicator, antenna interface, etc
Safe:1. Compliance with ISO 18000-6c /EPC CAG2 protocol
2. The transmitting power software is adjustable and 1.5dbm step is taken to avoid misreading
3. Communication interface protocol security processing
Function:1. The terminal realizes remote read-write operation through this module and RFID tag. The module has small power consumption and volume and is suitable for handheld mobile devices
2. Long distance to read the card, high power, up to 26dBm, and 6 meters communication distance (open outdoor) as far as possible. The distance is related to the actual scene.
3. Standby current is less than 10mA to reduce terminal power consumption.
4, wide working temperature, and 25 ~ 80 ℃
Module application:Mobile handheld society equipment, transport logistics, new retail, storage management, animal management (pin, pet id, etc.), anti-counterfeiting, logistics tracking, electronic product monitoring and manufacturing processing.
Product form:Independent product formShape of core chip IDH module, SMT mounting mode, connected to the main board through the line
Insert terminal equipmentPDA, refrigerator, pigeon cage, forklift, automatic production line, medical equipment, aircraft gear, etc
Common application cases:1. Uber handheld PDA
2. Homing pigeon flight track tracking system
3. Warehouse management system
4. Aircraft parking position detection wheel catch
5. Wine anti-counterfeiting traceability system
6. EMS express inventory tracking system
Product problems:Program planning and product designScheme planning: it can be replaced by the chip scheme of Sunshine Goods electronic partner;
Product design: shijia electronics provides IDH module ODM support with high cost performance, stable product and strong performance
The closed loop applicationChina's RFID market is changing the global label production pattern. With more and more applications of RFID in the world, the label cost is continuously compressed, and the large-scale application of RFID is close at hand.
Based on this module, there are many closed-loop applications, which can be developed according to the function and structure of root body terminal.
Our company can help to plan the overall framework scheme according to the specific scenes of customers, assist to deal with multiple problems in the process of product realization, act as customer technical support, and provide the fastest and most valuable software and hardware solutions.
Product manufacturingModule radio frequency performance consistency, product stability, finished EMI and EMC special treatment.