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RFID-2.4G Reading and writing module
PN: RFID-2.4G   Reading and writing module Type: Identification authentication
Core chip reference: Brand \ $DQ%{[N4Z[`TNGRR~U7%)$6
P/N \
Support   agreement: 2.4GRFIDA private agreement
Support RF: Working frequency : 2.44GHz ISM spectrum
Radio frequency modulation GFSK
Module support interface: RS232、RS485、RJ45、433M Transparent transmission
Modules can extend the interface: IIC、SPI etc
Drive: No Drive opening API interface
Microprocessor development Reset, status indicator, antenna interface, etc
Safe: 1. Power down and save the configuration information
2. Use 2.4g private protocol to prevent tampering and intrusion
3. The receiving sensitivity is adjustable at level 8
Function: 1. This module is used for the main control device of 2.4g reader, which adopts omnidirectional antenna and covers a wide range
2. The maximum identification distance is 80 meters
3. Support communication interfaces including RS232, RSS485, RJ45, and 433M
4. Support signal strength detection
5. Transmission rate: 1Mbit/s, maximum receiving sensitivity: -90dbm
Module application: Campus card, logistics tracking, industrial remote sensing, telemetry communication, household wireless security alarm system, mine personnel positioning, smart education, smart city, etc
Product form: Independent product form SMT is attached and connected by a line
Insert terminal equipment Campus attendance machine, intelligent street lamp, locator node, intelligent irrigator gateway, etc
Common application cases: 1. Personnel management system of metro construction area
2. Campus card
3. Logistics and warehousing management system
4. Teaching instrument and equipment monitoring system
Product problems: Program planning and product design Scheme planning: it can be replaced by the chip scheme of Sunshine Goods electronic partner;
Product design: Sunshine Goods  electronics provides IDH module ODM support, product stability, cost-effectiv.
The closed loop application 2.4G wireless modules have been widely used in daily life. 2.4g wireless technologies can set up communication links in a short period of time, which is inexpensive and the best choice for high cost performance.
Based on this module, there are many closed-loop applications, which can be developed according to the function and structure of root body terminal.
Our company can help to plan the overall framework scheme according to the specific scenes of customers, assist to deal with multiple problems in the process of product realization, act as customer technical support, and provide the fastest and most valuable software and hardware solutions.
Product manufacturing Module radio frequency performance consistency, product stability, finished EMI and EMC special treatment.