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RFID-125K Contactless low-frequency read-write module scheme
PN: Contactless low-frequency read-write module scheme Project product type: identification-authentication
Core chip reference: Brand EM 1
Type 4095
Support agreement: ISO11784/785 and 125K
Support RF: Working frequency and working mode 100-150KHz
Radio frequency modulation mode ASK、FSK etc
Module support interface: UART
Modules extend interfaces: USB、232、485 etc
Drive: No drive Protocol interface, SDK, dynamic/static library
Microprocessor extension External LED, buzzer, infrared energy-saving induction, etc
Safe: 1. Login password protection
2. Built-in read-write protection
3. Chip fuse protection
4. Encoding format protection
5. Cloud security based on background
function: 1. Read and write iso11784/785 CARDS
2. Support standard low-frequency ID card operation
3, support read-only low frequency card, read and write low frequency card
4, support CARDS such as: EM4205 / EM4305 / EM4102 / EM4200 / EM4100 TK4100/4100 d/EM4450 / SIC5577 / SIC5888 / SIC7999 / ATA5577 U2270 / NXP HIGU and other CARDS
5. Realize communication with host computer and package local protocol
Module application: Building access control application, intelligent door lock application, animal management system, membership card management system, campus card, consumption settlement system, goods management system, etc
Product form: Independent product form Core chip IDH module form, SMT mounting mode, connect with upper computer by POGOPIN seat.
Insert terminal device Tablet computers, handheld terminals, access gates, all-in-one machines, intelligent door locks, rental printers, etc
Common application cases: 1. All-card access control and attendance system and other card reading terminals
2. Supermarket cashier all-in-one membership card management system
3. Animal ear tag management system
4. Intelligent storage cabinets, etc
Product problems: Project planning and product design Scheme planning: the chip scheme of Sunshine Goods electronics partner can be used for replacement;
Product design: Sunshine Goods electronics provides IDH module ODM support, with obvious cost performance, excellent performance and stable product.
The closed loop application There are many closed loop applications based on this module, which can be customized development of terminal functions and structures.
Our company can help to plan the overall architecture scheme according to the specific scenario of customers, and help to deal with multiple kinds of problems in the process of product realization. As the technical support of customers, we can provide the fastest and most valuable software and hardware solutions.
Product manufacturing Module rf performance consistency, compatibility with card end, product stability, interference source shielding effect consistency