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PCBA Manufacturing solutions
PN: PCBA(RPCBA\FPCBA\R-FPCBA) Project   function type: \
The core base material Material specification: FR4/BT、PI 1
Brand \ Type \
The core base material components Integrated circuit IC, resistance and capacitance parts
brand \ Type \
PCB size ODM Layers 1-30 layers
PCB thickness Min 0.1mm Min hole 0.2mm
Min trace/space 2.5mil silk technology: 2.5mil
Insulation   resistance welding: photosensitive ink/PI cover Surface treatment HASL/ENIG/OSP
Special   packaging: BGA、COB etc. Min component 0201
Device welding mode SMT、COB、DIP
Substrate manufacturing technology Materials technology:

FR4/BT resin, flexible PI polymer material physical properties, mechanical properties, chemical properties should be considered;

Mechanical and electrical properties of FR4 and BT resins, flexible PI polymer materials should be considered.

Manufacturing technology:

Manufacturing process of rigid circuit board;

Manufacturing process of flexible circuit board;

Rigid and flexible PCB manufacturing process.

PCBA Manufacturing technology Device technology:

Component brand selection, performance evaluation, environmental storage;

Component replacement support,   etc.

Manufacturing technology:

Micropackage device mounting (SMT, COB, etc.);

Various substrate devices (SMT, COB, etc.);

Integration of various PCBA manufacturing processes (SMT, COB, plug-in, etc.).

Hardware electronic technology Focus on functional logical   judgment summary and functional assurance test.Sijia electronic hardware r&d center specializes in RF RF technology, power management technology   based IDH module and ESS embedded integration module.
Available product design

Can provide electronic circuit schematic design, PCB wiring design, functional test fixture design;

Can provide manufacturability design, PCB-CAM design.

Core manufacturing process Substrate CAM design, drilling compensation, graphic transfer compensation, substrate functional testing, PCBA device selection, PCBA program design
Core QC engineering process Substrate material/device IQC inspection, substrate /PCBA process control evaluation and analysis, PCBA function evaluation and analysis.
Finished   functional test

Open short circuit function test of baseboard /PCBA;PCBA module functional logic fixture test;

Substrate /PCBA defect test support.

Finished   product reliability test

Salt spray test optional;

Thermal shock test, weldability test, virtual welding, device disconnection, etc.

Product   certification 3C certification, UL certification, etc.
The product application Portable terminal equipment, multi-functional integrated parts module, other compressed space electronic equipment, etc. (such as handheld mobile terminals).