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PCB operations seminar

——Exploration on platform construction——

"A person, again ability, also stem however a group of people.Explanation: "' teams matter. '"



On January 8, 2019, Sunshine Good electronics organized a roundtable seminar in Xixiang Town, Baoan District, Shenzhne research and development center, inviting industry insiders to explore the importance of building PCB operation platform. The seminar invited An jianfeng, former sales director of Fast-printed, wang aiguo, general manager of hardboard department of Huihuang circuit board, shi xiaolin, general manager of  Shenzhen WeiQiangSen Electronics Co., Ltd (former marketing elite of Fastprinted), Chen xiyang, general manager of overseas marketing subsidiary of shenbei circuit, and other authorities in the industry. Meeting in view of the current situation of the development of PCB compare a profound review, platform building has become the key to the discussion, passionate, climax, experts agree that PCB manufacturing is one of pillar industries of the industrial revolution the most promising future, and keep up with the trend of the era of technological innovation, product innovation, the operation mode innovation is the key to promote the competitiveness of the platform is the key of the enterprise survival.


Conference organizers Sunshine Good Electronic general manager-Mr Jiang is from a semiconductor technology, electronics, circuit board production operation mode, electronic circuit technology review summarizes the present situation of the circuit board development, proposed the circuit board in the near future development direction of change: from electronic carrier breakthrough in the direction of the semiconductor integrated circuit supporting body. Shenbei circuit, general manager of overseas marketing subsidiary  Chen Xiyang variables from the C end market development, B mid-market multi-dimensional exploration, technological innovation and product model change, circuit board area common integration mode, highly integrated marketing platform and so on has made the comprehensive judgment, Chen said, the future of the circuit board: develop the exclusive market and order volume, technology to develop in the direction of modular electronic hardware, devices, products will break function module in pattern, the integration of different operating platform will present a new situation of the schools of thought contend, marketing mode and strategy through to the next level.

Shi xiaolin, general manager of WQS electronics, first analyzed the common marketing models and strategies at the present stage: exhibition promotion, network promotion, product customer service, solution, industry technology product training, tour speech, etc., indicating that the traditional business public relations model will gradually withdraw from the historical stage. General manager Shi explained the positioning of common marketing platforms from the perspective of competitive advantage: PCB design, material purchasing, PCB manufacturing, PCBA manufacturing, functional evaluation, product certification, etc. Finally, stone always think the future of circuit board marketing: integration of diversified technical product model, optimization of positioning, multi-directional innovation marketing model and development strategy, to build a service platform to meet customer heartbeat.

Huihuang Circuits general manager Mr.wang Shared the PCB material as the center of the operation mode: substrate (polymer) technology solutions, substrate resources supply solutions, the Internet + PCB materials + PCB manufacturing + PCB supply operation platform. How to explore and realize the operation pain points of PCB design, PCB trade, PCB processing, PCB manufacturing, PCB supply and other companies has become the topic that everyone responds enthusiastically, and the site is very active. Mr. wang said circuit board at present stage in the field of Internet applications mostly just increase service window, add marketing platform model, simplified marketing management mode, the real Internet operating platform not to stand out, perhaps this is an opportunity, Mr Wang think: PCB Internet operating platform construction will speed up the development of PCB industry 4.0.


We are looking forward to the next pcb-related seminar!

"Student “A” asked President ma: we all registered companies to start their own businesses. Why can others' companies receive big customers and good orders while I can only wander in some marginal customer circles?"It's actually the easiest way to make money," ma said. "it's just that you don't use resources and connections."Explanation: 'Bridges matter.'"

With the integration of capability, team, contacts, resources and Bridges, we find that the platform is the most important. Mr.Jiang, general manager of Sunshine Good electronics, is calling on the circuit board industry and circuit board enthusiasts to optimize their team and contacts, build Bridges, integrate resources, and create their own strong competitiveness of the operation platform.