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NFC-PICC front-end module
PN: NFC-PICC front-end module Type: The communication channel
Core chip reference: Brand \ 49C%L[WM{G2RAAEK8AZ)HPS  
P/N \
Support   agreement: ISO14443-A/7816
support RF: Working frequency and mode 13.56MHz
Radio frequency modulation ASK, BPSK, SSB various modulation modes of transmission
Module support interface: 7816、IIC
Modules can extend the interface: UART、SPI etc.
Drive: No drive Opening API
Microprocessor development Terminal air card, (WeChat/alipay, etc.) online recharge, balance inquiry, consumption record inquiry
Safe: 1、DES/3DES/AES up to 256bit/RSA up to 4096-bit/ECC up to 521-bit
2. True random number generator and decryption coprocessor
3. Memory access control unit, decryption design, data verification
Function: The module integrates MCU and Active Booster amplifier simulation front end, which can realize iso14443-a protocol and 7816 processing. Active transmission mode is used to communicate with card reader,   which is suitable for small NFC integrated antenna application with high performance and low power consumption.
The reading and writing distance is 2-5cm, the magnetic field is awakened, and the sensitivity can be adjusted.
Application module: (traffic card, financial card, etc.) card simulation/settlement system/information system software platform closed loop mode breaks through TSM platform docking,
Municipal public traffic card, campus one card, gym one card, police pass, etc.
Under extreme conditions such as limited space, it can be implanted under the screen.
Product form: Independent product form Core chip IDH module form, SMT/COB mounting mode, flexible circuit board FPCB,Output module pin interface via gold finger connector or sub socket.
Insert terminal equipment Smart watch, smart bracelet, student card, smart dress, smart backpack, ring, plug-in accessories, etc.
Common application cases: Public transportation department one card (bus, subway)/ one card of housing and construction department/residents health card/people's electronic wallet/electronic wallet small payment /Mifare application/PBOC3.0/QPBOC/ campus card/gym etc
Product problems: Program planning and product design Scheme planning: it can be replaced by the chip scheme of sjai electronic partner;Product design: shijia electronics provides IDH module ODM support with obvious cost performance, excellent radio frequency performance, small size and low power consumption
The closed loop application The number of public traffic card interconnection cities in China has exceeded 200, and it is expected to achieve inter-city and inter-provincial interconnection by the end of 2020.The one-card testing center of the ministry of transport (east China) has been established, and the requirements for the consistency of radio frequency electrical performance have been gradually improved.Our company has over ten years of NFC radio frequency technology precipitation, equipment investment over ten million, rich in mobile payment solutions to many radio frequency problems and experience.
Product manufacturing IDH module & module must guarantee the flatness of the substrate and the expansion and contraction of the structure size.High requirements for radio frequency consistency.Local municipal public traffic card standards have differences and high compatibility requirements