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NFC-PCDA secure read-write module with PSAM built in
P/N: NFC-PCD secure read-write module with PSAM built in Type: Identification authentication
Core chip reference: Brand \ 4Z@SX2J%[KPL5$JY_}(24XF
P/N \
Support   agreement: ISO14443 Type A/B
Support RF: Working frequency : 13.56MHz
Radio frequency modulation ASK、BPSK、SSB Various transmit modulation modes
Module support interface: UART
Modules can extend the interface: IIC、SPI etc
Drive: No drive opening API interface
Microprocessor development Can also be external PSAM card
Safe: 1. Support a security encryption algorithm/certification process of the ministry of public security
2, DES, 3DES, SM2, SM3, SM4, line protection, line encryption
3. Integrated bi-directional encryption authentication
4. Integrated encoding and decoding receiving and receiving module and conflict prevention function
5. Data frame format processing and CRC test
Function: 1. Realize ISO14443 A/B card application and data encryption reading and writing, compatible with most CARDS such as mifare and CPU.
2. Integrated ISO14443 Type A/B read and write driver
3. Provide rich API interfaces, detailed API interface description and examples
4. UART serial port control
5. The maximum effective distance of 10cm communication can be achieved (depending on antenna design)
Module application: The new generation building entrance guard application, the real name system authentication system, the consumption settlement system, the special place facility isolation, the intelligent door lock non-receive unlocks, the valuables management system and so on
Product form: Independent product form Shape of core chip IDH module, SMT mounting mode, connected with upper computer through the terminal.
Insert terminal equipment Entrance guard, id reader, airport brake, cash register, intelligent door lock, water meter, ETC, PDA, ETC
Common application cases: 1. Upgrading project of access control machine in a certain area of shenzhen
2. Upgrading of special places such as the apron of airlines
3. Upgrade the campus all-card
4. Security upgrade of intelligent door lock swipe card to unlock
5. Upgrade the restaurant charging system
6. China southern power grid charging system pilot
7. Chow tai fook jewelry sales display board
Product problems: Program planning and product design Scheme planning: it can be replaced by the chip scheme of sjai electronic partner;
Product design: shijia electronics provides IDH module ODM support with obvious cost performance
The closed loop application Compatible processing or customization is possible without the use of closed loop applications
Product manufacturing Module radio frequency performance consistency, and card terminal compatibility, product stability