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NFC-PCD Full - function non - contact read - write module scheme
PN:NFC-PCD Full - function non - contact read - write module schemeType:Identification authentication
Core chip reference:Brand\ PE)APV2GI){5MD3H198KL5O
Support   agreement:ISO14443 TypeA/B
Support RF:Working frequency :13.56MHz
Radio frequency modulationASK、BPSK etc
Module support interface:UART
Modules can extend the interface:er
Drive:No driveopening API interface
Microprocessor developmentCan also be external PSAM card
Safe:1. DES, 3DES, SM2, SM3, SM4, line protection and line encryption
2. Integrated bi-directional encryption authentication
3. Integrated encoding and decoding receiving and receiving module and conflict prevention function
4. Data frame format processing and CRC test
Function:1. Realize ISO14443 A/B card application and data encryption reading and writing, compatible with MIFARE, Felica, CPU and other   CARDS.
2. Provide rich API interface, detailed API interface description and examples through serial port communication
3. Automatic detection of internal integrated data mode
4. The maximum effective distance 5cm communication can be achieved (depending on antenna design)
5. Multiple low-power modes support low-power external card detection
Module application:Application of id card reading, campus one-card, building entrance guard, intelligent door lock, consumption settlement system, goods management system, etc
Product form:Independent product formShape of core chip IDH module, SMT mounting mode, connected with upper computer through FPC.
Insert terminal equipmentPolice access terminal, id reader, access control breaker, cash register, intelligent door lock, water meter, ETC, PDA, rental printer, ETC
Common application cases:1. Pengtong tablet id card authentication application
2. Supermarket cash register all-in-one membership card management system
3. All kinds of card reading terminals such as the one-card entrance guard machine on campus
4. Handheld PDA logistics tracking, etc
Product problems:Program planning and product designScheme planning: it can be replaced by the chip scheme of Sunshine Goods electronic partner;
Product design:  Sunshine Goods  electronics provides IDH module ODM support with obvious cost performance, excellent performance and stable product
The closed loop applicationBased on this module, there are   many closed-loop applications, which can be developed according to the function and structure of root body terminal.
Our company can help to plan the overall framework scheme according to the specific scenes of customers, assist to deal with multiple problems in the process of product realization, act as customer technical support, and provide the fastest and most valuable software and hardware solutions.
Product manufacturingThe module has the same rf performance, compatibility with the card end, product stability and the same interference source shielding effect.