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Conventional, MESH Hard Encryption, Soft Encryption Head

Jul 17, 2017

Shenbei Circuits: POS machine Magnetic stripe card payment and magnetic head component development

——Conventional, MESH hard encryption, soft encryption head——


 Shenbei Circuits based the technical basis design and manufacture of PCB and wireless RF solutions, effective breakthrough of the Internet of things hardware system. At present, the research and development of mobile payment application based on NFC card mode and card reader mode are emphasized, Explore the head swiping card of mobile payment POS terminal; Contact credit card scheme has become a necessity for the expansion of our company.


1、   The development status of POS machine head:

International EMV organization is actively advocating, China unionpay's full support, Dual interface (contact and non-contact) smart card development, The fact that a magnetic head swipes the card out of the market is an undisputed fact. But there are many problems, such as the high cost of safety, consumption habits, the high cost of hardware reinvestment, the inadequacy of the basic network facilities, etc. The domestic magnetic head credit card model still exists for a period of time, the demand is still huge. The development of international Internet finance is slow, the market of the original POS machine will continue to develop at a high speed, the magnetic head swipes the card mode to make a quick breakthrough in the security upgrade, and hardware and software encryption develops rapidly.


2、    POS machine head composition and product realization solution:


The magnetic head components : Naked head (magnetic head hardware structural parts, core components, black glue), fixed shrapnel, interface soft line (MESH, encryption IC);

Magnetic head component product realization solution: Naked head design processing, fixed shrapnel design processing, interface soft line design processing, accessories assembly, functional testing, FQC quality inspection and shipment. The core components of the magnetic core components of naked magnetic head, metal structure parts grinding, naked magnetic head assembly and standard bit sealing are the key control points. A key control point is the soft line plug hole, MESH low resistance control, encryption IC - SMT paste/COB packaging.

3、   Shenbei Circuits, Develop and certify magnetic head card payment and supply magnetic head components:

1、  Shenbei Circuits can provide the development and payment authentication service of terminal magnetic charge card of POS terminal.

2、  Shenbei Circuits can provide the design service of the head component of the terminal of the POS terminal.

3、  Shenbei Circuits can provide the purchase service of the naked magnetic head of POS machine;

4、  Shenbei Circuits can provide the design (conventional, MESH, soft encryption) and manufacturing of the soft line scheme of the magnetic head component of POS machine.

5、  Shenbei Circuits can provide POS machine head assembly assembly processing services.


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