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PCB Product Design And Production, Quality Control

Apr 01, 2020

一、 composition of circuit board data:

The circuit board data is composed of design elements such as through hole, blind hole, buried hole, installation hole, line, filling, medium, welding pad, anti-welding ink, silk screen printing ink, surface treatment, electrical boundary, etc., forming a drilling layer, signal layer, power layer, formation, anti-welding window layer, character layer, appearance layer and so on.

二、 Circuit board product design:

(一) PCB product EDA design software:

1、 Altium,Protel 98Protel 99SEProtel DXPAltium Designer and so on

2、 CadenceOrCADAllegro and so on

3、 USA Mentor GraphicsPadsPCBPowerLogic5.0PowerPCB5.0 ,etc

(二) PCB plate making CAM design software:

1、 View2001;

2、 GCCAM 、CAM350;

3、 Genesis2000、U-cam、Parcam。

(三) circuit board product design specification:

1. Material characteristics and circuit board product design;

2. Manufacturing process capability and circuit board product design;

3. Common quality problems and circuit board product design;

4. Electromagnetic compatibility and circuit board product design;

5. Signal integrity and circuit board product design;

6. Power supply integrity and circuit board product design.


三、 Common materials of circuit board:

(一) Rigid material:

(二) Flex material:

(三) Rigid-flex material:


四、  Basic manufacturing process of circuit board

五、 functional test of circuit board

(一)  Material testing:

1. Performance/function:

2. Defects:


(二) semi-finished product process testing:

1、 Performance/function:

2、 Defects:

(三) Final test of finished products:

1、 Performance/function:

2,  Defects:


六、 Quality specification and standard of circuit board products.