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PCB Deposited Copper

Dec 31, 2016

Deposited copper as an important part of PCB design, whether it is domestic PCB design software, also abroad provides intelligent enough copper to the Protel,PowerPCB function, how can you make enough copper, I will share some ideas with you, hoping to bring benefits to the peer.

The so-called copper, is the unused space on the PCB as the Datum, and then filled with a solid copper, the copper area also known as the copper pour. The meaning of deposited copper is reduced ground impedance and improve anti-interference ability; reducing pressure drop, improve power efficiency connected with the ground, you can also reduce the loop area. For the purpose of possible PCB welding deformation, most of the PCB suppliers will also require PCB designers in an open area of the PCB-filled copper leather or mesh wire, apply copper if not handled properly, it will not enjoy losing, whether deposited copper is "outweigh" or "doing more harm than good?"

Everyone are know in high frequency situation Xia, printed circuit board Shang of wiring of distribution capacitor will works, dang length is greater than noise frequency corresponding wavelength of 1/20 Shi, on will produced antenna effect, noise on will through wiring to outside launches, if in PCB in the exists bad grounding of enough copper words, enough copper on into has spread noise of tool, so, in high frequency circuit in the, do don't think, put ground of a place received has to, this is "ground", must to to is less than λ/20 of spacing, in wiring Shang playing had hole, Multilayer PCB ground plane "well grounded". If properly deposited copper, deposited copper has not only increased current dual role of playing shielding disturbance.