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Flexible PCB Effects On Wearable Device Industry Innovation

Dec 31, 2016

As the global wave of touch hit consumer electronics fully touch become the largest fashion. Global application and experience consumption driven by Smartphones and tablets are leap-forward development, wearable device also quickly emerged, and wearable devices, related to the emerging wave of advanced products and technology will be the focus. Earlier this year, United States at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), high profile companies such as Samsung, LG, Intel introduced flexible screen products, flexible screens into public view.

Flexible circuit board are polyethylene polyimide or made of polyester film to the substrate with high reliability, excellent flexible printed circuit boards, FPC FPC for short, has high wiring density, light weight, thin features, mainly used in mobile phones, laptops, PDA, digital camera, LCM and other products. It is learnt that the FPC free bending, folding, winding, can move in three dimensions at will and scaling better heat dissipation, F-PC reduced in volume; to lightweight, small, thin, so as to achieve integration of components installed and connected.

According to the United States wearable technology is expected in the white paper issued by the information HIS 2016 wearable device shipments will reach 39 million-170 million.