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China PCB Fabrication

Mar 04, 2017

Product Detail

Basic Info
  • Specification:IPC class 2

  • HS Code:853400

Product Description

Production Capabilities
Layer Count:1-40L
Board thickness(mm):0.2mm~8.0mm
Maximum copper weight (OZ):10
Min Line width/spacing(mil):3.0/3.0
Minimum mechanical drill size (mm):0.1
Max Aspect Ratio:12:1
Material: FR-4,High Tg FR-4,Halogen free,High Frequency(Rogers,Arlon,Taconic,Nelco...)etc.
Surface Treatment: HASL,ENIG,ENEPIG,Immersion Silver,Immersion Tin,Flash Gold,Golden Finger,OSP,Lead free HASL etc.
Max Panel size(mm):550*1200
Impedance control:10%
Lead time:
48 hours turn time on double sides PCB's,3-7 days for multilayer PCB's.
With Shenbei Group, you skip the PCB brokers and go straight to the source. Shenbei prototyping in China directly. This allows you to know what materials and components are most effective during large volume PCB fabrication runs.

It's not just our prototype-to-production manufacturing capacity that makes Caring Circuit different; Our technical, engineering, procurement and customer services gives us a competitive advantage.

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