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China Artificial Intelligence-core

Dec 31, 2016

Recently, vimicro "digital multimedia chip technology" State Key Laboratory announced that has successfully developed China's first embedded neural network processor (NPU) chip to become the world's first embedded video capture with deep learning artificial intelligence coding system on chip and was named "Starlight intelligence first." This deep learning based on chips used in face recognition, the highest accuracy rate of up to 98%, more than human recognition rate. The chips in volume production on March 6 this year, shipped a hundred thousand of pieces now.

The laboratory Executive Director Zhang Yundong, vimicro, Chief Technology Officer at a surging news interview, said equipment on neural network processor chips used in cameras, photography by "eye" upgrade to "the eye with the brain", which is the world's first.

"Digital multimedia chip technology" State key laboratory was founded in 2010, relying on Beijing in microelectronics company, approved by the Ministry of science and technology established. According to statistics, in the microelectronics Ltd was founded in 1999 by the former Ministry of information industry direct investment, is a company specializing in chip technology in the "national team", its "Star series" had broken free on the international market, "China chip" situation.