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Multilayer flexible circuit board manufacturing solutions
PN: Multilayer flexible circuit board FPCB Multilayer flexible circuit board: Connector/component support
The core base material Material   specification: PI、PET L0[GQJ}M1Z}QOTIZ]7RI6YN
Brand: \ Type: \
Auxiliary materials Material   specification: Stiffener(FR4、PI、steel)、Double sided tape
Brand: \ Type: \
Size: ODM layer: 1-8 layer
Min thickness: 0.06mm Min hole: 0.2mm
Min spacing: 2.5mil Min trace: 2.5mil
Insulation resistance welding: (thermosetting/photosensitive) ink, PI coating film silk technology: Multicolor character ink
Special packaging: BGA、COB etc Surface treatment: ENIG、Pltaed gold HASL、OSP etc
stack-up: PI cover film, copper, substrate, reinforcement, adhesive paper symmetrical structure
Special technology Materials   technology: Some multilayer flexible circuit boards should be made of materials with small shrinkage coefficient, certain hardness and low moisture absorption rate.
Most multilayer flexible circuit boards shall adopt materials with moderate expansion and contraction coefficient, excellent flexibility and low moisture absorption rate.
Manufacturing technology:

The drilling process needs to control the material expansion and   shrinkage, and the drawing compensation design should be done.Copper precipitation, electroplating, etching, graphic transfer to do layout.

Uneven (fold) design control;Lamination process needs to do warping, deformation, expansion and contraction, plate layer separation control;

Multilayer flexible circuit board can do blind hole, buried hole, micro hole, HDI and other special process design and manufacturing.

Microelectronics technology Materials   technology: Part of the multilayer flexible circuit board needs to be coated with special ink, carbon oil materials;
Manufacturing technology: Part of the multilayer flexible circuit board inner layer shall be embedded with special materials or devices.
Hardware electronics

Multilayer flexible circuit board (MFPC) mostly ACTS as a component/circuit connection support carrier in the technical environment of electronic circuit hardware;

A few multilayer flexible circuit boards can be used as LCR devices (such as variable carbon-oil bridge resistor, parallel plate capacitor, coil inductor, etc.);

Some multilayer flexible circuit boards use differential circuit to design MESH safety circuit.

Some multilayer flexible circuit boards simulate ESD, EMI, resonance, transformer, hf signal transmission and other circuits.

Available product design

Can provide electronic circuit schematic design, PCB wiring design, functional test fixture design.

Can provide manufacturability design, PCB-CAM design.

Core manufacturing process It is very important to transfer electrodeposited copper and graphics in wet process.The lamination of dry process is very important.
Core QC engineering process Substrate material IQC inspection, line graphic transfer/etching first inspection, lamination first inspection, surface technology first inspection.
Finished   functional test

Function test of circuit opening and short-circuit;Some products need to test the functional fixture of analog circuit;

Line defect functional test;

Finished   product reliability test

Salt spray test optional;

Thermal shock test, weldability test, etc.

Product   certification 3C certification, UL certification, etc.
The product application

MINI terminal equipment accessories, specific modules, radio frequency modules, etc.