Double AL PCBs with 2OZ immersion gold with small IC

Double AL PCBs with 2OZ Immersion gold and small IC

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Double AL PCBs with 2OZ Immersion gold and small IC

10-double AL54.png

Double side white ink taiyo ink yellow silk screen aluminum pcb for led lighting

Matel base: Aluminum based

No.of layer: 2L

Finished size: 200mm*200mm, 65mm*185mm

Board thickness: 0.5-6mm

Copper foil thickness: 2 oz

Surface treatment: Immersion gold

Solder mask: White ink

Silk screen: Yellow

Thermal conductivity: 1-2 W/m.k

Line width/space: 0.3/0.48mm

Special hole: No

Min.hole: 0.7mm(NPTH)

File format: Gerber

Shaping: Tooling punching, V-cut


Power electronic, electronic packing, hybrid circuit, multi chips modul, Led field,power modul,solid-state relay, semiconductor modul, electric heat device, micrewave device, automotive electronic, military and areospaceplane, etc.

audio frequency facility such as Input and output amplifier, balanced amplifier, audio amplifier, preamplifier, power amplifier, audio shielding system, 

power facility such as Switching regulator, DC/DC converters, SW regulator, electric welding machine, vacuum cleaner, miner's lamp, power supply module, electronic energy-saving lamps, etc

Communication electronic equipment: high frequency increase, filter circuit, transmitting circuit.

Automotive electronics: motorcycle igniter, auto regulator motor control board, electronic regulator, ignition controller, power supply, etc.

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