2 layers aluminum PCB

Product Details Model Number: double sided pcb-062215 Key Specifications/Special Features: See table below: Shipping Information: FOB Port: Shenzhen Lead Time: 7 - 15 days HTS Code: 8534.00.90 00 Units per Export Carton: 100 Export Carton Dimensions L/W/H: 35 × 36 × 31 Centimeters Export Carton...

Product Details

Product Details

Model Number: double sided pcb-062215

Key Specifications/Special Features:

PCB technical capacity
ItemProduction capacity
1product itemdouble sided aluminum LED PCB from Shenzhen PCB manufacturer
2Layer counts1L-28L HDI
3Materials of multilayer PCB(1) CEM1, CEM3, FR-4 high TG FR4, halogen-free FR4, polyimide
(2) aluminum, ceramic (96% alumina), Teflon, PTFE (F4B, F4BK)
(3) Rogers (4003/4350/5880), taconic (TLX-8/TLX 4), arlon (35N/85N)
4Material mixed laminateFR4 + Ro4350.FR4 + aluminum FR4 + FPC
5Board size(1) Maximum size 610*1200mm
(2) Minimum line/space0.10mm
(3) Board thickness0.125-6.00mm
(4) Outer layer copper thickness17-175um
(5) Inner layer copper thickness17-175um
(6) Mini solder mask bridge0.05mm
6Board tolerance(1) Board outline tolerance±0.15mm
(2) Thickness tolerancet≥0.8mm, ±8%
t<0.8mm, ±10%
(3) Hole position/hole tolerance ±0.05mm, PTH: ±0.076mm, NPTH: ±0.05mm
(4) Trace width tolerance15-20%
7Drilling(1) Minimum drilling hole(mechanical)0.2mm 
(2) Minimum laser hole0.1mm
(3) Mini hole ring (single)0.075mm
8Surface finishHASL, lead-free HASL, immersion gold, immersion tin, immersion silver, plated gold, OSP, carbon ink

9Acceptable file formatALL Gerber files, CAM-350, Protel, pads 2000, CAD, ORCAD, P-CAD, CAM2000 
10Quality standardsSGS
11Packing of multilayer PCBinner vacuum packing, outer standard carton box

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