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PN:LORA-IOT   moduleType:Transmission path
Core chip reference:Brand\[4R01{L26~ZD7N4G@1SMFHY]3931{UZYUT{~Q)FVU_5HUF
Support   agreement:Internal integration LoRaWAN ™ protocol stack, and support the Class A, Class C equipment types;
Meet LoRaWAN ™ Specification1.01 standard, support EU433, CN470 agreement with frequency, etc.;
Support RF:Working frequency :433~510MHz ultra-wideband (when different frequency bands are used, appropriate antennas should be selected)
Radio frequency modulationLoRa\FSK
Module support interface:2 lines UART
Modules can extend the interface:Hardware flow control
Drive:No driveopening API interface
Microprocessor developmentReset, wake, mode control, state output, etc
Safe:Multi-layer encryption:
1. Unique network key (EU164) to ensure network layer security
2. Unique application key (EU164) to ensure the security of the application layer from terminal to terminal
3. Unique key belonging to the device (EU128)
Function:1. Assist the equipment to set up local networking transmission channels
2. Built-in passthrough mode and command mode
3. Low power consumption, long transmission distance (up to 5km), strong anti-interference ability and stable performance
Module application:Automatic meter reading (water   meter, gas meter, heat meter), Internet of things, smart home, smart city, smart logistics, industrial automation, intelligent security, smart garden, etc
Product form:Independent product formThe core chip IDH module shape, SMT pasting way, through the welding pad (stamp hole, etc.) and the main board
Insert terminal equipmentVarious instruments, garden irrigators, intelligent agriculture, smoke alarms, environmental monitors, street lamps, etc
Common application cases:1. Intelligent greenhouse management system
2. Urban smart well cover management system
3. Energy-saving management cases of urban street lamps
4. Intelligent building management system (indoor temperature and humidity, security data, hazardous gas, water flow and other data monitoring and management)
Product problems:Program planning and product designScheme planning: it can be replaced by the chip scheme of Sunshine Goods electronic partner;
Product design: Sunshine Goods electronics provides IDH module ODM support with high cost performance and stable product
The closed loop applicationLoRa can achieve the perfect solution of distance and low power consumption (standby power consumption is no more than 2uA).
LoRa begins to enter the large-scale commercial deployment stage in China, and China will become the largest commercial market of LoRa in the world.
Based on this module, there are many closed-loop applications, which can be developed according to the function and structure of root body terminal.
Our company can help to plan the overall framework scheme according to the specific scenes of customers, assist to deal with multiple problems in the process of product realization, act as customer technical support, and provide the fastest and most valuable software and hardware solutions.
Product manufacturingModule radio frequency performance consistency, product stability, finished EMI and EMC special treatment.