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Hardware electronic technology circuit board solution
PN:Hardware   electronic technology PCBType:Analog functional circuit
The core base materialMaterial   specification:BT resin、FR4、PICU7])C148@{OYO6Y@5]%LB8
Auxiliary materialsMaterial   specificationstiffener、Adhesive paper, anti-interference materials, shielding film, other coating materials
size:ODMlayer:1-12 layer
Min thickness:0.06mmMin hole:0.2mm
Min trace:2.5milMin spacing:2.5mil
Insulation   resistance welding:Thermosetting/photosensitive ink/PI coversilk   technology:Multicolor character ink
Special   packaging:\Surface   treatment:ENIG、Pltaed gold、HASL、OSP etc.
Special technologyMaterials   technology:Substrates often need to consider vertical layer to electrical strength, parallel layer to breakdown voltage, specific frequency point   (50HZ\1MHZ\ 13.56mhz \915MHZ\ 2.4ghz \5GHZ\10GHZ) relative dielectric constant and loss factor, insulation resistance and other electrical properties;Water absorption, dimensional stability and other physical and mechanical properties.
Manufacturing technology:Blind hole, buried hole, micro hole, cross blind hole, HDI of any order, various surface processes/inks on the same surface, other coating materials, etc.
Microelectronics technologyMaterials   technology:Special (substrate, thermosetting ink, photosensitive ink, silver oil, carbon oil, copper paste, stable performance of the coating adhesive) material;
Manufacturing technology:

The inner layer of the circuit board shall be embedded with special materials or devices;

Special treatment for high density PCB etching.

Hardware electronicLocal line simulatorParallel plate capacitor circuit, carbon oil bridge variable resistance circuit, inductance circuit, etc.
Integrated circuit simulatorPower inductance chip device, bluetooth antenna standard device, WIFI antenna standard device, transformer device, etc.
Local line simulatorLC resonance circuit, RFID/ contactless smart card antenna circuit, WIFI/ bluetooth antenna circuit, nb-iot /ZIGBEE antenna circuit, anti-interference EMI circuit, anti-static ESD circuit, MESH safety circuit, characteristic impedance circuit, etc.
Integrated circuit simulatorNFC antenna, wpc-qi wireless charging receiver coil, MESH anti-detection/anti-detachable password keyboard board, high-frequency signal transmission connector, RFID/ smart card /WIFI/ bluetooth/nb-iot /ZIGBEE antenna, transformer module, etc.
Available product design

Hardware electronic design, electronic circuit schematic design, PCB wiring design, functional test fixture design;

Manufacturability design, PCB-CAM design.

Core manufacturing processCircuit board immersed copper, circuit etching, graphic transfer, characteristic coating material coating, functional testing.
Core QC engineering processSubstrate material IQC inspection, line graphic transfer/etching first inspection, lamination first inspection, material coating first inspection, surface technology first inspection.
Finished   functional test

Function test of circuit opening and short-circuit;Function fixture test of simulator/analog circuit;

Line defect functional test.

Finished product reliability testSalt spray test optional;Thermal shock test, weldability test, etc.
Product certification3C certification, UL certification, etc.
The product applicationPortable terminal equipment, multi-functional integrated parts module, other compressed space electronic equipment, etc. (such as handheld mobile terminals).