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Hardware Electronic Printed Circuit Board-Analog Resonant Circuit-NFC Antenna

——Application of NFC antenna pcb in PDA, POS machine, tablet computer terminal——

Near field communication (NFC), also known as short range wireless communication (NFC), is a short-range high-frequency wireless communication technology that allows non-contact point-to-point data transmission and data exchange between electronic devices.The technology evolved from contactless radio frequency identification (RFID).Near field communication (NFC) is a short-range, high-frequency radio technology that operates at a frequency of 13.56MHz over a distance of 20 cm.Its transmission speed is 106 Kbit/ s, 212 Kbit/ s or 424 Kbit/ s.

NFC antenna (NFC can antenna) be used principle sense does not belong to the antenna, belongs to electromagnetic induction or under the electromagnetic resonance technology based resonant circuit module, often present inductance mode, focusing on the ratio of the resonant frequency, sending and receiving coil size, coupling factor and the coil impedance, skin effect, AC and DC component and coil parasitic parameters, etc.There are nfc-picc, nfc-p2p, nfc-pcd three types of working mode antenna, enameled wire winding, conductive material coating, conductive material etching, circuit board manufacturing a variety of manufacturing processes, there are conventional tiled, coupled amplification tiled, flat side patch type of a variety of product forms.

NFC antenna PCB, namely, the hardware electronic technology of making analog NFC antenna resonance circuit via a circuit board.Common circuit board hierarchical structure: one side, two sides, three layers, etc., according to the material characteristics of NFC antenna circuit board rigid and flexible two general types.In view of the NFC antenna must consider reducing resonance point frequency deviation, stability coupling factor, control impedance, enhance magnetic flux, NFC antenna circuit board needs to consider raw material evaluation analysis and guarantee selection, control process production to reduce skin effect and stability parasitic parameters, provide NFC antenna electrical performance indicators functional testing and quality control.

The NFC antenna circuit board products supplied by Sunshine Good electronics refer to the following:

Most of them are used in POS machines, PDA terminals and tablet computers. NFC-PCD card reading mode is dominant. The surface of 2P61538A0 and 2P61580A0 is covered with black matte PI film, while the surface of 2P61532C0 and 2P61725A0 is covered with yellow PI film.2P61521C0, 2P61675B0 surface coated with insulating ink or thermosetting ink.





Picture 3, Picture 4 is the flexible circuit board simulation NFC antenna resonant circuit, belong to the antenna size, most applications within the terminal PDA, tablet PC, mobile phone equipment, NFC - usm, NFC - P2P, NFC - PCD three work modes must exist, flexible circuit board PI (polyimide) as substrate, the surface coating of all sorts of color photosensitive ink or thermosetting ink, or pressing the PI covering membrane of all kinds of color. Special anti-interference materials (resin/iron powder composite wave absorbing material, ferrite sintered sheet, amorphous material, nanocrystalline material, etc.) should be installed to ensure the normal operation of NFC antenna in the case of small space, metal environment and serious battery interference.





Based on the production and supply of NFC antenna circuit board, Sunshine Goods electronics provides customers with NFC antenna product design planning, antenna PCB design, antenna modulation analysis, terminal equipment NFC related product certification services, NFC antenna product standardization support. Sunshine Goods electronics provides customers with fast product implementation support, customized product design, low-cost solutions, and good supply and procurement resources.