Double Side FPCB

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Product Details

Product Detail

Key Specifications/Special Features:

Basic description:
Place of origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand name: Fastline
Base material: polyimide
Copper thickness: 1oz
Surface finish: immersion gold
Shipping type: DHL, UPS, FedEx, EMS
Lead-time: 4-8 working days
Minimum order quantity: 1 piece

Key specifications/special features:

  1. Advantages of FPC (flexible printed circuit):

    1. High-precision product

    2. Arbitrary folding

    3. Fold and turn around freely

    4. High or low temperature-resistance

    5. Corrosion -resistance

  2. Applications of FPC (flexible printed circuit):

    1. Display, notebook PC and tablet PC, flat panel display

    2. Smartphone, cell phone

    3. Flat screen TV, professional TV

    4. Printer, scanner, fax machine and copier

    5. Sound box and acoustics

    6. MP3, MP4 player

    7. CD/DVD

    8. Digital camera

    9. Robot, industrial, projector, handy terminal and amusement

    10. Car electronics

    11. Toy for children

    12. AV equipment, medical equipment and digital measurement instrument

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