2 Layers 0.1mm Thickness with ENIG FPC for Touch Keypad

​2 layers 0.1mm thickness with ENIG FPC for touch keypad

Product Details

2 layers 0.1mm thickness with ENIG FPC for touch keypad

Material: PI

2 layers 

0.1mm finish thickness

Size: 200mm*380mm

Main application:  Smart phone

PCB factory directly

PCB Have the comprehensive quality control system

PCB good price 

PCB quick turn delivery time from 48 hours.

PCB certification(ISO/UL E354810/RoHS)

12 years experience in exporting service

Flexible printed circuitry terminations can be customized for flexible printed circuits and membrane switches – resolving connection issues, managing thermal applications, and cutting back on costs. FPC offers a variety of beneficial features, such as total flexibility, insulation capabilities, cost-effective assembly, and circuit board/wire replacement. 

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