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BT-KEY Bluetooth shield module
PN:BT-KEY Bluetooth shield moduleType:Identification authentication
Core chip reference:Brand\619$3F57{IHCH]~NQ]A(CO2
Support   agreement:BT4.0
support RF:Working frequency and mode2.4GHz(ISMspectrum),≤10M
Radio frequency modulationGFSK
Module support interface:BLE4.0、UART
Modules can extend the interface:ISO7816、IIC、SPI、USB etc.
Drive:No driveOpening API
Microprocessor developmentMicroprocessor developmentThe main control SOC performance is strong, can also be external PSAM card or PSAM module, can extend the non-connected card reading function.
Safe:1、Built-in COS, a module of multiple applications, each application independent, support a variety of file types.
2、Support for multiple security protection mechanisms (confidentiality and integrity protection of information), multiple security access methods and permissions (authentication functions and password protection)
3、Support the Single DES, Triple DES algorithm recognized by the people's bank of China, and support the PSAM card transaction consumption process
4、Multi-level key distribution mechanism to support China's ministry of communications toll road network electronic parking fee technology requirements
Function:1. Bluetooth management application, key, data, authentication process, etc
2. As an auxiliary security encryption peripheral for all kinds of terminal equipment
3. Powerful SOC, low power consumption of multistage power management, single pin antenna interface, maximum TX +7dBm (depending on antenna design)
4. Suitable for data security management, software encryption and decryption protection, equipment legitimacy certification, etc
Application module:1. Anti-cloning and anti-intrusion APP (module used as authentication device)
2. Encrypted storage of important data
3. Local file encryption and decryption authentication module (phone book, picture library, folder, etc.)
4. All kinds of account information security encryption and preservation (alipay, WeChat, QQ account password, etc.)
5. Equipment copyright protection
6. End-to-end signature of iot devices (legitimacy certification of networked devices)
7. Internet of things remote control command encryption (network equipment security control)
8. Internet of things equipment data security transmission
9. Image video remote monitoring system data security transmission (anti-intrusion, such as IP camera first class)
10. Software remote encryption upgrade
11. Upload encryption and download and decrypt private cloud files
Product form:Independent product formShape of core chip IDH module, SMT mounting mode, and wireless connection through BLE and mobile phone, etc.
Insert terminal equipmentSmart wearable products (bracelet, watch), student card, id card reader, smart KEY, wireless U shield, wireless U disk, portable KEY, IP camera, Internet of things security KEY, etc
Common application cases:1. Mobile APP file manager based on bluetooth bracelet security KEY
2. User account password security management system based on bluetooth carry-key (wireless U disk)
3. Identification system based on bluetooth carry-key (access control, gate, attendance, locker, etc.)
4. Power grid node detection and control system based on bluetooth carry-key
Product problems:Program planning and product designScheme planning: it can be replaced by the chip scheme of sjai electronic partner;
Product design: shijia electronics provides IDH module ODM support with obvious cost performance
The closed loop applicationDue to the large number of bluetooth terminals, the problem of user data security and equipment data   security has been raised day by day.
Bluetooth + security based closed loop applications will continue to increase, and root terminal functions and structures can be customized development.
Our company can help to plan the overall framework scheme according to the specific scenes of customers, assist to deal with multiple problems in the process of product realization, act as customer technical support, and provide the fastest and most valuable software and hardware solutions.
Product manufacturingBluetooth rf performance stability, android APP compatibility and low power consumption optimization.